2023 May Be Our Best Year in Book-to-Screen Adaptations

2023 May Be Our Best Year in Book to Screen Adaptations

Every year, talented authors release a host of novels that end up on bestsellers lists everywhere. From memoirs, to family dramas, to murder-mysteries, and even romance novels a dude would like—a great story is always well within reach. But what about those of us who (… sorry) prefer to watch the action play out on … Read more

Critics Survey: The Best Movies of Sundance 2023, According to 367 Critics

Critics Survey The Best Movies of Sundance 2023 According to

The top winners were among the buzziest of this year’s festival, from “Fair Play” to “Past Lives” and more. This year, the Sundance Film Festival returned in-person events with a vengeance. After two straight mostly virtual editions, the festival got back to almost-normal with packed crowds squeezing into the shuttles and trudging up and down … Read more

Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Movies for Adults (2023)

Plugged In Movie Awards Best Movies for Adults 2023

As the nominee blogs/ballots for our Plugged In Movie Awards continue on, we’ve hit upon the category that tends to be the most hotly debated in our palatial Plugged In offices: the best movies for adults. There’s always an element of subjectivity in all these categories, of course—that’s part of the fun—but no more so … Read more

The best M. Night Shyamalan movies, ranked | Digital Trends

The best M Night Shyamalan movies ranked Digital Trends

Say what you will about M. Night Shyamalan, but there’s no denying he has a distinctive narrative style that separates him from his contemporaries. The Indian American filmmaker rose to international stardom with his game-changing 1999 horror film The Sixth Sense, cementing himself as the go-to director for daring and twisty plots that captivate fans … Read more

The Best Movies Coming To Streaming This Month. “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Bad Boys”

The Best Movies Coming To Streaming This Month Edge of

NETFLIX  1. LOTR Trilogy – Elite/100 I don’t think I need to pitch you on the greatest trilogy of all time. These have lived on HBO Max for a while but this is great for those of you that don’t have that.  2. Bad Boys – 83/100 Marcus Burnett is a hen-pecked family man. Mike … Read more

The 10 best movies coming to Netflix in February

1675259694 The 10 best movies coming to Netflix in February

Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher in “Your Place Or Mine.”Netflix Watch all “The Lord of the Rings” movies. Also “La La Land,” “Bad Boys,” and “Spanglish.” Plus Netflix original movies “Your Place or Mine” and “We Have a Ghost.” “Bad Boys” (February 1) (L-R) Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in “Bad Boys.”Sony Head down to … Read more

Best Fantasy Movies Of All-Time: Top 5 Truly Legendary Films, According To Critics

Best Fantasy Movies Of All Time Top 5 Truly Legendary Films

Whether you’re looking for knights, magic, and dragons or simply an imaginative plot, the best fantasy movies of all time are sure to deliver in spades. The best part of these movies is their ability to whisk you away to amazing locations, meet interesting characters, and get lost in a story that you’ll never forget. … Read more

Ahem, Right This Way for *the* Sexiest Movies to Watch in 2023

Ahem Right This Way for the Sexiest Movies to Watch

Warner Bros. Good news for everyone whose favorite weekend activity is catching a movie in theaters or hanging out at home in front of the TV with a giant bucket of popcorn: There are tons of exciting new movie releases coming in 2023. Across genres, from rom-coms to dramas to horror flicks, there will be … Read more

Valentine’s Day movies to watch for singles

Valentines Day movies to watch for singles

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of you singles out there might despise the many elaborate plans of showing love, including exchanging gifts, going on dates and tear-jerking proposals, and choosing a quiet night far away from all that. However, that does not mean that just because you aren’t in a relationship or … Read more