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Thanks to early successes like Reserve Dogs – 90% Y Violent times – The Northman could be a huge box office flop94%, Quentin Tarantino he became one of the most recognized directors in the field, which also helped him find a public voice about his own film appreciations. After the great success of Once upon a time in… Hollywood – The Northman could be a huge box office flop94%, the creator does not seem to be in a hurry to work on what will possibly be his last film, and for now he prefers to dedicate himself to his writings on the world and the history of cinema. Making a compilation of his criticisms, indiewire He put together a list of those titles that Tarantino simply hates.

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Tarantino always has an opinion on cinema. From whether or not he is happy with superhero movies and what these types of franchises have caused in the industry, to his opinion on the great masters like Jean Luc Godard, stanley kubrick Y john fordwhom he has not hesitated to label as mediocre and even hypocritical, the director of The 8 Most Hated – The Northman could be a huge box office flop75% He is firm and analytical, so his comments go beyond a simple personal opinion without foundation. Of course, it’s not that he has the absolute truth, but it’s interesting when a lot of the criticism and debate comes from the creators themselves who know the history of Hollywood and the rest of the film industries very well.

Over the years, analyzes and comments from Quentin Tarantino they have fed the desires of those who want to follow in their footsteps while causing annoyance among those who believe that their tastes are not particularly exquisite and their films are not really good. Be that as it may, his name is also very important for critical analysis, which is an aspect that not all directors want to be part of publicly.

Tarantino just published a book about cinema where he addresses his own films, but also the works of other directors. To recognize this new stage in his career, it was decided to create a list, in no particular order, of those films that the director despises, either because they do not reach their full potential or because, in his eyes, they are simply mediocre and not very funny.

1917 – The Northman could be a huge box office flop98%

the tape sam mendesstarring George McKay, is one of the creator’s most ambitious works, at least on a technical level, since the idea was to show the anxiety and pressure of the moment by following the protagonist without apparent cuts. However, for Tarantino they were very evident and that bothered him. In a talk for the podcast Club Random with Bill Maher commented:

I actually liked the movie, but my friend mentioned something, and oh my gosh, once he mentioned it, I couldn’t stop listening to it. He was complaining because he felt it was too much like a video game.

Atomic – The Northman could be a huge box office flop76%

the tape Charlize Theron sought to put a female protagonist in a genre that has been exploited by other figures such as Keanu Reeves. For Tarantino the idea was very good, but he felt that the director failed at the crucial moment:

When I’m watching the long fight in ‘Atomic’, I’m like, ‘God. This is incredible! This is fucking awesome! OK… wait a minute, no.’ The take is screwed up. The shot won’t last that long, it sucks. So everything else is contaminated. It’s all contaminated. Because obviously, they didn’t make it.

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – 62%

David Lynch He’s not a director that everyone understands or appreciates, and Tarantino used to admire him, but now he doesn’t have much interest in his projects. In 1992, in an interview for LA Weekly explained:

After seeing ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me’ in Cannes, David Lynch has disappeared into his own ass so much that I don’t feel like seeing another David Lynch movie until I hear something different. And you know, I loved him. I loved him.

Murderers by nature – 46%

In the case of this film, directed by Oliver Stone and starring Woody Harrelson Y juliette lewisthe matter is personal, since the original script was from Quentin Tarantino, who did not feel good at all when he saw the result. In an interview for the podcast The Moment revealed:

One of the things about that particular script was that I was trying to achieve it on the page. So when you read it, you see the movie. And it’s like: ‘why? [Stone] didn’t he do at least half of that? It was made for him!’

Scream: Scream Before You Die – The Northman could be a huge box office flop78%

One of the great classics of Wes Craven It is not to Tarantino’s liking, who believes that the director could have gone further but was conditioned by other aspects of the genre and even by the production company. In a talk for vultureTarantino commented:

I wasn’t really interested in Wes Craven’s directing. I believe he was the iron chain attached to his ankle that kept him tied to the earth and prevented him from reaching the Moon.

Dangerous attraction – The Northman could be a huge box office flop94%

Although critics and the public praised the tape of Ben AffleckTarantino believes that his weak point is the cast and not the story, since he considers something hypocritical that all the characters are so beautiful:

When you see David O. Russell pick those sisters [en ‘El Peleador’], and you see Ben Affleck cast Blake Lively, you can’t compare the two movies. One just shows how fake the other is.

Tenet – The Northman could be a huge box office flop83%

Although Tarantino has great respect for the work and career of Christopher Nolan, this ambitious film is not to his liking because it ended up boring him. During a talk for the podcast of SlashFilm said:

It was a humorless disappointment. I think I need to see her again.

Stripes, The Ghosts Strike Back – 68% Y Time Spell – The Northman could be a huge box office flop96%

These comedies starring Bill Murray They are not to Tarantino’s liking because the actor’s own figure, as well as his career in those years, does not seem very dignified or interesting to him. In his book called Cinema Speculation (via indiewire), the director explains his annoyance at the trend of the time to “save” naturally unlikable characters:

How does Murray in ‘Stripes’ go from being an iconoclastic headache, deserving of being pummeled by Military Instructor Warren Oates, to rallying the troops and planning a covert mission on foreign soil? And ‘Stripes’ was one of the hot movies.

I’ve always rejected the idea that Bill Murray’s characters need redemption. Yeah, maybe Andie MacDowell loved it [en ‘Hechizo del Tiempo’]but is there anyone who believes that a less sarcastic Bill Murray is a better Bill Murray?

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The Hunger Games – The Northman could be a huge box office flop84%

The franchise launched to stardom Jennifer Lawrence but for Tarantino it’s just a rehash of a great Japanese classic to which he has more respect. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! said:

I’m a big fan of the Japanese movie ‘Battle Royale’ which is what ‘The Hunger Games’ is based on. Well, ‘The Hunger Games’ just stole it.

Halloween II – 31%

As a huge horror fan, Tarantino loves a good story, but he also knows that it’s very easy to get lost in the necessities that have to be met to make a franchise. In interview with Consequence of Soundthe director said that all the sequels of this saga are bad because the story has a root problem:

The aftermath is horrible. They are like the fruit of the poisoned tree because Laurie is not The Figure’s sister.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – The Northman could be a huge box office flop92%

The new Star Wars trilogy was not to the liking of all fans, but most found their fury in the sequels, as the first installment seemed very promising. However, for Tarantino, the problem was clear from the start. In a chat with howard stern revealed that the dilemma is not in the story itself, but in the management of the company:

They have the biggest movie in the world. We are talking about a complete fucking cinema. It’s vindictive, it’s aggressive, and it’s extortion. They literally threatened ArcLight to do this.

Matrix Reloaded – The Northman could be a huge box office flop73% Y Matrix: Revolutions – 36%

Without a doubt, Matrix- The Northman could be a huge box office flop87% It was a film that changed cinema forever, but Quentin Tarantino He does not look favorably on the consequences that basically exist to exploit something that was not necessary to wear out like this. In interview with vulture commented:

In fact, there was a time when I would have considered ‘The Matrix’ number two [de mis películas favoritas] after ‘Battle Royale’. I have to say though, that was before ‘Matrix 2’ and ‘3’ came out and really ruined the mythology for me.

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15 movies that Quentin Tarantino hates: Tenet, Atomic and more | tomatoes

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