3 movies to CRY on Netflix that will break the heart of ARIES

This time we are going to talk about some movies to cry in Netflixwhich are so dramatic that they will reach the deepest hearts of those Aries and they will be able to move them.

you may be Aries and you’re going through difficult times, so maybe what you need is a little cry to get out all that you have inside and that is hurting you, that’s why these movies in Netflix they will help you

And we know that the heart of Aries is one of the strongest and hardest, and for something to move them it has to be really impressive, that’s why we select from the best movies to cry in Netflixwith stories that go from the crude to the dramatic, special to break the heart of Aries.

How are people of sign Aries?

It is that really for something to move Aries it has to be very heartbreaking, because this sign is characterized by being one of the most enthusiastic and energetic of the entire horoscope. They are people who know how to appreciate the good things in life and prefer to act quickly instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen. They are also very noble and dedicated in their relationships, so it is always a good idea to have a Aries in your life to fill it with beautiful energy.

movies in Netflix worthy of a Aries

So these are the movies in Netflix to cry that they will be able to break the hard shell that Aries he gets to lift up in his heart so that nothing hurts him.

Noise (Natalia Beristain – 2022)

This is a painful film about a completely real situation that has left thousands of families in Mexico devastated. It tells the story of Julia, a mother who, faced with the inaction and indifference of the authorities, is dedicated to looking for her missing daughter. In her search, she meets more women who are also looking for their mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, loved ones, missing persons.

Violet & Finch (Brett Haley – 2020)

Credits: Netflix

Violet and Finch tells the story of Violet, a teenager whose life is changed forever by the death of her sister; As a result, he suffers depression and isolates himself, until he meets Finch, who also carries past injuries but is determined to get to know Violet little by little and thus form a relationship, which consists of two wounded people trying to heal together. .

The reason to be with you (Lasse Hallström – 2017)

This movie is one of those with puppies that are really moving. It tells the story of a dog that every time he dies, he reincarnates as another puppy and in each life he questions his own existence and tries to find meaning in life. It is one of the movies to cry in Netflix most recommended and you will surely end up in a sea of ​​tears

So now you know, these are our recommendations for movies to cry in Netflix that are so crude or dramatic that they will surely manage to touch the hearts of the strongest, like that of Aries. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks for more movie and series recommendations at Netflix.

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3 movies to CRY on Netflix that will break the heart of ARIES

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