3 movies to CRY on Netflix that will break the heart of Scorpios

In this note we are going to talk about three films in Netflix that are so emotional, sad and heartbreaking that they will bring tears to even the scorpio toughest of all.

And here you may already be wondering: “well, but why do I want to see a movie to cry? if I love to be happy”, and in fact it is a very good question, but the particularity of these films is that their stories are great and in addition to making you cry they will leave you some kind of teaching.

Furthermore, the heart and temper of scorpio is one of the toughest in the entire horoscope, so if they make you cry scorpiomost likely it is that the other signs end up in a sea of ​​tears at the end of the movie.

How are people of sign scorpio?

sign people scorpio They are characterized by their great energy and enthusiasm. In fact, they are famous among all the other signs for working hard to get what they want. Consistency is also something that characterizes them, since when they set a goal, they will not rest until they achieve it. They tend to be quite temperamental, and misdirected energy can lead them to violence or aggression, but that is only in the most extreme cases.

Films in Netflix to make someone cry scorpio

That’s why you’re films in Netflix will manage to move and touch the heart so energetic and enthusiastic of scorpiowhich will surely lead to tears.

1) Story of a marriage (Noah Baumbach – 2019)

It’s very sad movie It places us in that tragic space that we all hate: post-love. In other words, that uncomfortable place that comes after love and tells us the story of Charlie and Nicole, who were married for many years but their love faded away and now they are facing a difficult divorce process in which, despite trying to handle it Don’t worry, the bureaucracy and its grudges don’t allow it.

2) Fragments of a woman (Kornél Mundruczó – 2020)

Fragments of a Woman is about Martha and Sean, a young couple with a relatively quiet life who are expecting their first child. Everything changes when, due to negligence in childbirth, they lose the baby and decide to sue the midwife who helped deliver the baby. But that’s not the whole story, as the relationship between Martha and Sean deteriorates to unsustainable levels, which adds a lot of drama to the plot.

3.- The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008 – Mark Herman)

Credits: Miramax

Is movie tells the story of a boy named Bruno, he is the son of a high command of the Nazis in the middle of the holocaust, so his house is very close to a concentration camp. The boy is not able to understand the terrible events that happen right next to his home and tries to make friends with one of the children who lives in the concentration camp.

These are the films in Netflix that we think will make even cry scorpio harder, can you think of others? Tell us in our comment box Facebook and do not forget to follow us for more recommendations of films and series in Netflix.

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3 movies to CRY on Netflix that will break the heart of Scorpios

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