4 films and 1 documentary to watch by streaming during the summer

“White Noise”, “January 6th”, “Aftersun”, “Downtown Abbey 2” and “The Coup”, movies streaming for January 2022

January is usually a month of mundane values, and just as in the old era mortals went into the first cinema they found, beyond the movie shown, to enjoy the air conditioning; Now that possibility happens at home. After all, things have not changed so much and surrounded by drinks, air conditioners or fans, human beings continue to go to the movies, but in their homes. Once again the cinematographic arts invite and allow one to sink into the world, separate from the world and walk hand in hand with the world as well. In this opportunity, infobae Culture offers five very diverse recommendations for these first mundane days of January.

white noise

what to say about Background noisethe film hosted by Netflix and directed by Noah bambatchwhich is the translation of the original and refers to that psssss What emerges from the radios when they are not on any frequency? well to start White noise It is not in any frequency, if by frequency one wants to understand gender, narrative limits, more traditional cinematographic geographies. Based on the novel by Don DeLillo of the same name, its readers (not including this reviewer) said it was impossible to adapt. Everything is possible, what is needed are financiers, as the phrase from 9 Queens.

Jack (Adam Diver) and Babette (Greta Gerwig) head a dysfunctional family, made up of children from the couple’s four previous marriages and the minor, fathered by both of them. Jack holds the world’s only professorship of Hitlerism, and he hits it off with a professor who wants to do his thing with an Elvis professorship. A joint class, very significant by the way, gives them prestige at the University. Passage to another topic. The intelligent daughter of the family discovers that Babette takes pills that are not found in any formulary and reports this anomaly to Jack, in addition to the suspicion that the woman is losing her memory. Three. A toxic cloud forces citizens to leave the cities amid scenes of panic and highways that refer to “La autopista del sur” from cortazar. The family decides to take a shortcut that will put them in the worst danger. Four, Search for the pill and encounter with the certainty of one’s own death. Five. Supermarket and mail great.

Trailer for Netflix’s apocalyptic comedy “White Noise,” directed by Noah Baumbach

Was something understood? Nerd? It’s a matter of seeing it. It is not a dense film, nor is it boring, nor easy nor absurd, it can even be moving, if the viewer is willing to sit down, rest their head on the pillow and let themselves be carried away by the endings of the plot that, as is well known, always return to the place where they started to be able to continue the journey.


2022 British film released during Cannes Critics Week, the film written and directed by charlotte wells and starring Paul Mescal Y Frankie Corio became one of the revelations of the year that has just ended, without this meaning that its journey has ended, since in a long series of countries it is time for the MUBI platform to allow us to appreciate its emotional intimate landscape, as in Argentina .

At the end of the 1990s, Calum (Mescal), a 30-year-old father, and Sophie (Corio), an 11-year-old daughter, arrive on a vacation trip to Turkey through those packages that include hotels, excursions, and access to the resort shows. , not particularly luxurious. Then begins a series of events that allow the viewer to delve into that relationship, so close due to the slight age difference (“I am Sophie’s father”, Calum must clarify when they point to his sister) and the love that is perceived between both, although not by overflowing acts that highlight it. Suddenly, in a flash to the present, the adult Shopie wanders into a nightclub with strobe lights while she looks for someone.

Eleven-year-old Sophie (Frankie Corio) and her father, Calum (Paul Mescal), vacation at a Turkish beach resort in the late 1990s. (Mubi)

Then the routine of the tours, meeting a little more friends, older, a boy the same age, visiting a Persian market where Calum falls in love with a rug he shouldn’t be able to afford, A filial anger in front of karaoke: Calum says that She is no longer old enough for such things, Sophie continues. And the adult Sophie searches in her dreams for her father.

Emotional, the film leaves clues about the sadness that surrounds that happy encounter in Turkey. And Calum and his daughter Sofia look so cute that they make you want to tell them that everything will be fine, although no one knows if this could be true.

Downton Abbey: A New Age

Directed by simon curtis and based on the series created by Julian Fellowes, the HBO+ premiere presents the second foray onto the big screen of this soap opera that kept fans on edge for six seasons with romance, palaces, servants and a royalty resisting the path of decadence. With a cast led by Hugh Bonaville, Laura Carmichael Y maggie smithamong many others, the film introduces the events that bring Downton Abbey palace to life, the royal family that inhabits it and the servants that live in the basements with their own dynamics and problems and happiness.

In this extra-large episode, the family must travel to the Italian Riviera as matriarch Violet has inherited a villa in French soil. A huge and beautiful vacation home facing the Mediterranean. Since Lady Violet refuses to give up that inheritance, hers will go in her name. But also to find out the causes of this intriguing, unusual gift.

On the other hand, in the postwar period, lean times forced the palace to be rented so that a movie could be filmed there. The last clamors of the silent cinema meet in the palace, until the order arrives that the film be sound, or no longer be. These are the best scenes in the film in which a mass cinema was born with the most varied tricks to win the favor of the public. The main actor falls in love with the young butler and seeks to talk to him, meet him, propose that he travel with him to the United States, but not a kiss! Those who know Downton Abbey will not be surprised because its consumption is camp and that is how it should be enjoyed, but it should also be noted that if it were not for that pleasure, it could be ventured that in times of confusion for the British monarchy a series and then films that show everyone happy in an incredible palace are a device to reconcile a parasitic monarchy of the State in crisis with the citizenry. But the palace is so beautiful!

The hit

Fifty years after its premiere in 1973, stop everything because Netflix incorporated a new copy of this classic performed by robert redford Y Paul Newmana glorious film of those that allow you to combine comedy, crime, passion and the crisis of the Great Depression in a setting with card games and traps, many traps.

everybody saw The hit. And if not, the whole world listened to his music that, for decades, was part of the waiting music of dental offices, banks and finance companies. Useless fact: an act of honesty for a bank to have the little music from the pianola of The hit while the client waited, poor victim, in line. Let’s keep going.

Johnny Hooker (robert redford) is a petty con man who mistakenly robs a mob collector. His accomplice is killed by the mobster. Redford decides to get revenge by organizing a large-scale scam to get everything from the mobster who murdered his friend.

Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman) is an experienced con man with whom Redford is associated with the hit: a scam centered on a fake horseracing office.

"The hit"1973 film
“The Coup”, 1973 film

Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw): The mobster must invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a bet that he will not be able to resist because it is rigged and will offer him a sure profit. But to such beneficial offers…

Lieutenant Snyder (Charles Durning): A corrupt cop who blackmails Redford. When Redford pays him with counterfeit money, he hunts him down, jeopardizing the entire horseracing operation.

And so. A world of scammers against scammers. The spectator fans for Redford and Newman, of course. What a great movie. You probably haven’t seen her for a long time. Do it. It is a balm for the soul that works better than an offering to the gauchito gil.

January 6th


HBO Max has just released this documentary about the events that took place on that date in 2021, when thousands of protesters in favor of donald trump don’t hand over the presidency to the democrat Joe Biden Due to alleged electoral fraud, they broke into the Capitol (seat of Parliament and the Senate) in an unprecedented event in the contemporary history of the United States. (Well, let’s clarify, this means, borders within the United States, because outside it promoted, financed and organized coups d’état of size and color as required by the de facto regime to take power). However, the characteristics of the attempt to cup, as the Americans like to say, took on impressive features. After an act in Washington, Trump himself called to go to the Capitol to fight “hard” against fraud, which meant that the joint parliament did not know the results under pressure from Trump militants, especially those who came to the city with this mission. .

An impressively planned escalation, to the point that a parliamentary commission has just recognized Trump’s responsibility for the assault. And when you say “assault”, it implies “assault”. The only guard was the Capitol’s own police, evidently reduced in number compared to the protesters. In the documentary, the policemen wonder why there wasn’t a security apparatus with fences, policemen, weapons like when the fighters of the Black Lives Matter. A naive question, for the taste of who writes this. In short, the fight was hand-to-hand between the mass that wanted to enter and the policemen who were trying to prevent it. Be careful, the protesters told them, it is repeated in the documentary, “we love you, join us.” An ideological pattern is taking shape, if you want to call it that.

View of the assault on the US Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021 (Photo: AP / Julio Cortez)
View of the assault on the US Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021 (Photo: AP / Julio Cortez)

January 6th it is a more institutional documentary. The police officers and representatives of the House of Representatives and senators who took refuge in secret domes of the Capitol after fearing for their lives speak. It is a document that develops minute by minute with the filming of independent directors and the media present on the spot. The images should be enough to account for the state and parastatal responsible for the attempted coup, or riot, or uprising, or whatever you want to call it. The words of the representatives of the United States are more conciliatory, despite the four protesters killed, a police officer killed and the string of suicides in the Capitol and city police in the weeks following the siege. If viewed in conjunction with the 2022 documentary Four hours in the Capitol, which shows the deranged world of the protesters with fascistic characteristics, a great panorama of the day is achieved. What happened two Januarys ago. Two years. Yesterday. Nothing.

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4 films and 1 documentary to watch by streaming during the summer

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