5 adult movies that you can watch on Netflix and will leave you shocked

The options through the Red N platform, Netflix, are increasingly wide, where we can find everything from adventure, suspense and science fiction series, to documentary films, action, based on real events and more.

During the month of January and February, the successful streaming platform prepares new content to entertain children and adults; Now the Netflix page brings new titles in video format. movie that you have to enjoy this weekend, we have specifically made the selection of five films available on the platform that are only for adults, due to the intensity of their erotic scenes.

What is “Hereditary” about?

It is about the tape “Hereditary”, or by its title in Spanish “The Legacy of the Devil”, which has generated nightmares with a gloomy girl in an orange sweatshirt. According to the Broadband Choices page, which launches its “Science of Scare” list every year, this is one of the scariest movies in history.

In short, this production currently hosted on Netflix is ​​considered one of the most disturbing because it represents a study on mental illness fused with diabolical cults.

Very much in the style of The Witch or It Follows, the suspense is extremely psychological in this film, which shows us the strange things that begin to happen at the Graham house after the death of the grandmother and matriarch.

It is derived from this family loss that Annie Graham, a married gallery owner with two children, begins to show her repressions because she did not have a happy childhood and now believes that the death of her mother can make her turn the page.

What is “Adult Love” about?

Let’s remember that there are certain titles within the platform that are already consolidated as classics within the romance and suspense genre, as is the case with the film that arrived on Netflix in 2022 entitled “Adult Love”.

This film is already among the most watched in Mexico for its intense story that talks about love between couples; “Adult Love” was directed by Barbara Rothenborg, and is based on a successful novel.

“Adult Love” is a dramatic thriller that follows the story of a couple who apparently live a perfect life, after their son was declared healthy after suffering from a very dangerous disease, but soon after they discover a secret that will change the course of their lives. lives and their love.

Their relationship begins to collapse after she discovers her husband’s affair with someone else, so they decide to take extreme measures to get what they want to get out of that relationship; featured lead performances by Lars Ranthe, Dar Salim, Sonja Richter and Karoline Hamm.

What is “Through My Window” about?

It is about the tape “Through my window”, which is within the romance genre and is part of the adaptation of the novel of the same name by the Venezuelan writer Ariana Godoy, originally published on Wattpad; This Spanish production was directed by Marçal Forés and starred by Clara Galle and Julio Peña.

This film tells us the story of Raquel, a young woman who feels a strong attraction for her neighbor Ares, a very attractive boy; however, he does not know about her existence.

Raquel decides to do something about it and make him fall in love anyway, even putting aside her good behavior in order to impress him and get his attention; it also featured performances by Guillermo Lasheras, Natalia Azahara and Hugo Arbués.

It should be noted that the filming took place in Barcelona in 2021 and concluded that same year; This story was originally hosted on Wattpad, however, noticing its resounding success, various publishers called on the writer to launch it in physical format, being adapted in Spain by the Alfaguara publishing house.

What is “Perverse Addiction” about?

It is about “Perverse addiction”, one of the erotic films housed within the streaming platform. This film follows the story of a famous painter played by the Mexican William Levy, who feels a deep attraction to Zoe Reynard, an attractive and intelligent woman.

However, Zoe is a woman who is married, but this is not an impediment for her to enjoy her intimacy to the fullest, this is because she has a prominent addiction to romantic and carnal relationships.

Despite the fact that Zoe apparently leads a perfect life, since she even has two beautiful children and an outstanding career as a gallery owner, the truth is that at night she sets out to hunt unknown men to have casual intimacy.

However, Zoe’s world is turned upside down when she becomes romantically involved with the mystery painter, who makes her question whether her addiction to sex reflects some other need in her life.

What is “Blonde” about?

“Blonde”, the new movie about the most iconic blonde in Hollywood, as this film portrays the life of Marilyn Monroe, who within the fiction will be played by the Cuban-American Ana de Armas. However, it is noteworthy that this tape has faced hard times in which it has been at the center of controversy because it is an adult-only production.

“Blonde” was officially released during the 2022 Venice Film Festival, a space for film diffusion where long-awaited films such as “The Whale” and “Bones and All” were also presented, in this context, the film that narrates life of the singer and actress who established herself as a sex symbol was one of the most successful in the acclaimed ceremony, because as is tradition, the success of the production was measured with a round of applause at the end and in this case it was a standing ovation 13 uninterrupted minutes of clapping by those present.

The film will premiere on September 28 on Netflix, this after the film was suspended because it was considered by the executives of the streaming giant as a practically prohibited product, this derived from the fact that the film is considered a sexual portrait. explicit, this because there are several scenes that contain passionate encounters and even rapes that Monroe suffered.


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5 adult movies that you can watch on Netflix and will leave you shocked

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