5 Great South Korean Movies and Series You Can Watch on Netflix

parasite Y Squid Game (either the squid game as we know it here in Latin America), are the two phenomena that have propelled South Korea within the entertainment industry worldwide. The first triumphed in the 2020 Oscarswhile the other made Emmy history.

With this on its back, the world has turned to see South Korean content a good opportunity to find high quality stories. And there are lots of them, so much so that in streaming services such as Netflixone can find several South Korean movies to marathon.

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Around here, we know that there is not always time –and sometimes not even patience– to check the platform’s catalog from top to bottom looking for some of these series or movies. So just to throw the strike, here we list 5 South Korean movies and series you can watch on Netflix to spend the time.

South Korean series: ‘Stranger’

It’s been a few years since it was released. stranger (also known as Forest of Secrets), and remains one of the surefire series in must-see South Korean content counts. Not for nothing The New York Times included it in his list of best television programs of 2017 (year of its release).

This is a suspense crime drama story where we meet the prosecutor Hwang Si-mokan undeniably intelligent guy who has a severe personality problem: after surgery to correct a physical problem, has difficulty empathizing with others. The subject, who must face the investigation of the murder of an important businessman, while dragging his almost zero ability to relate to people, among other things.

Soon, she is assigned the detective Yeo Yin Han, who despite being opposed to his new partner, will help him in this case. The incredible thing about the South Korean series is that as it progresses, this pair discovers that behind the murder, there is a world of immense corruption in which they are involved from the most despicable criminals to important figures of justice and the law.

South Korea’s Top Series: ‘Chief of Staff’

Before achieving international fame with the squid gameLee Jung-Jae had an outstanding performance in the series Chief of Staff. If you are a lover of intense political dramas, then this series is for you.

Launched in 2019, this series introduces us to jang tae joon, an ambitious member of a political assembly who uses his cunning to influence the decisions made by the high command of his organization. And everything he does is always in order to destabilize some from enemies to his own collaborators, all in order to go up the rungs on the political ladder and obtain power.

South Korean Movie: Night In Paradise

night in paradise it would be like wearing a kind of john wick with some different details, and yes: with a little more brutality. In this movie, a mobster named Park Tae-goo receives an offer to join a rival gang, but he turns it down.

Park’s arrogant decision, causes that rival criminal group to murder his family. Thus, a slaughter begins in which Tae-goo seeks revenge and although he believes he has achieved it, he soon realizes that the demons of that past have not disappeared; They are only waiting for the best moment to finally pay off his blood debt, and in the process, give him a surprise that he would never have imagined.

South Korean Movie: Time to Hunt

With a dystopian aura and a display of criminal action that will keep you on the edge of your seat, comes time to hunt (originally released in 2020). The film puts us in the context of a South Korea gone downhill, with a group of friends planning a robbery to get the money that will allow them to have a better life.

The four friends manage to steal a large sum of money from a betting house. But what they did not count on is that the people of that company was going to hire a dangerous assassin for hire that his heart would not be tempted one bit to hunt them.

Now, it’s either survive or hand over the money… but either way, they’re destined for a bleak future.

Sweet Home

When you think that horror is no longer working for you, never be wary of South Korean productions. And because of that, Sweet Home It is the ideal series for those who like to be terrified even if they later have nightmares. This show is not as such a hidden gem as it had a slight heyday after its premiere at the end of 2020… But it did not receive the recognition it perhaps deserved.

And the story is incredibly tense in every way. a boy named Cha Hyun-soo has moved into a nearly desolate building after he lost his family in an accident. And from one moment to the next, when he is most depressed, the environment changes and some inhabitants of his city become bloodthirsty creatures from which he must escape together with other people.

Of course, the special effects may not be the best, but the story catches you and there are quite a few grotesque scenes that gore lovers will love if you haven’t seen it.

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5 Great South Korean Movies and Series You Can Watch on Netflix

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