5 Movies That Make Aaron Taylor-Johnson The Perfect James Bond

The search for the new James Bond It is one of the most important issues within the entertainment industry. And it is not for less, it is about an iconic character with 60 years of history and 25 high-profile productions. In other words, the actor who plays him goes down in history and will forever be related to that character.

Sean Connery He catapulted his career by giving life to agent 007, added to a host of impressive films. but forever He will be remembered as the first James Bond in history. David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig they sustained the character for years… and now it’s time to find another Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in ‘No Time To Die’// Photo: MGM, Universal Pictures

When Craig announced his retirement from the character, The search and speculation began that put Idris Elba and Tom Hardy in the first places to be James Bond. But nothing was ever confirmed. The list began to grow, and it became so extensive, that it was even said that a non-British actor could play him…

However, in recent days, fingers are pointing to a name: Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Sounds good? Actually, it sounds great. The actor he is 32 years old, an ideal age to take the character (Craig, for example, took it at 38 years old) and explore it from an earlier age; It’s not that we’re superficial, but He also has the physique to do it; and public opinion recognizes this quite well with a career of just over 20 years.

so over here We will tell you about their best characters and movies, for which we are excited that he becomes the next James Bond. we will leave out his involvement in the MCU as Quicksilver and his very first roles.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in 2022
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in 2022 / Photo: Getty Images

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kick ass

kick ass 2010 was the film that put him strongly on the Hollywood radar. Here he plays the main character named Dave Lizewski, a nerdy and comic-loving teenager who, after seeing an altercation in New York City, decides to become a kind of vigilante night (without training at all).

Once, while trying to help someone, takes a beating that affects a part of his nervous system that increases his pain threshold. This only motivates him to go back to the streets to take care of the unprotected until one night, someone records him in action to become a a masked superhero and a celebrity.

However, he is not the only one who does it, and in reality, there are more trained heroes protecting the streets, including Big Daddy and his daughter Hit-Girl. All three must unite to face a pathetic threat: the son of Frank D’Amico, a mobster. The tape showed the Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s comedic chops, as well as his ability to sustain action and fight sequences.


In 2012, Oliver Stone premiered savagesa film that received mixed reviews despite boasting an outstanding cast that included Salma Hayek, John Travolta, Demián Bichir, Benicio del Toro, Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Here, Taylor-Johnson plays Ben, a botanist who grows and sells marijuana in California, teams up with his best friend Chon, a former Marine. both share a relationship, both romantic and sexual, with Ophelia. Its product is sold both for medicinal purposes and on the black market.

The latter brings them problems with Elena Sánchez, leader of the most ruthless drug cartel in Mexico, and who wants to force Chon and Ben to join her to boost their sales in the country. Faced with the refusal, Elena orders O to be kidnapped, for which a bloody rescue begins in which several betrayals are revealed.


Godzilla by Gareth Edwards in 2014, brought back the iconic kaiju with a new story and some characters that, although they did not manage to give them continuity, represented a box office success that year. Such was the case of Ford Bordy, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson with Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen.

the film us shows suspicions of the return of Godzilla, which is related to Ford’s family pastspecifically the death of his mother in the late 1990s. Godzilla It had great special effects and a story that managed to connect with the audiences.

Nocturnal animals

Nocturnal animals is he Tom Ford’s second feature film made by Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Armie Hammer, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The story follows Susan, an art curator who is married to a successful businessman who is unfaithful.

This is his second marriage, as the first was with Edward, a writer who, at the time of their relationship, was not successful at all., which causes their relationship to end. Years later, Susan receives Edward’s first novel, which tells a dark story about a man who loses his wife and daughter.

And this is where it comes in Taylor-Johnson, who plays the leader of the murderers of the woman and her daughter, in a very dark and complex character. At the same time, Susan’s past with Edward is revealed and the real reasons why their relationship ended: a betrayal and various lies.

Bullet Train

This is the last Aaron Taylor-Johnson film directed by David Leitch and with a huge cast that contemplates him next to Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon (his meeting with him), Joey King, Bad Bunnyamong many others.

Based on the novel by Kōtarō Isaka, the story follows a group of hired killers the best in the world, who meet on a bullet train in Japan for different purposes that, in the end, lead them to the same point: the fearsome existence of the White Death.

The characters they play Taylor-Johnson and Tyree Henry, called Tangerine and Lemon, They stood out from the rest for their brutality and their fun chemistry, and there has even been talk of a possible prequel to delve deeper into them. HERE We tell you more about this tape.

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5 Movies That Make Aaron Taylor-Johnson The Perfect James Bond

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