5 Reasons Scream Is The Best Horror Franchise Ever

If anyone knows me, they know I like horror movies. I like the best horror movies, comedy horror movies, and everything in between, and within this genre are the franchises that we all hold dear. To me, that is the Scream franchise – which is, hands down, the best horror franchise ever.

I know I might get a lot of fingers pointed at me over what others might say their favorite horror franchise is, but there’s a reason why I need to talk about this. And now, I’m going to fully get into my reasons why I think Scream just rules over every other horror movie series. There’s no contest. 

Ghostface on a New York subway

(Image credit: Paramount)

The Films Have Continued To Change The Story In Interesting Ways 

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5 Reasons Scream Is The Best Horror Franchise Ever

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