5 series (not superheroes) that will premiere in 2023

Not only superheroes will flood streaming platforms in 2023. These are some of the most anticipated series next year.

The blessed 2023. The new year is just around the corner and the main Hollywood studios are already beginning to make their agendas for the next calendar. With the rise of streaming platforms to massify the volume of content created and distributed, these catalogs are already preparing their arsenal. While movies are important, these will be some of the best series of 2023.

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Netflix will bet on Bridgerton so hard that it will make its first spin-off. On the other hand, Rian Johnson will expand his mystery franchise with a ten-episode show. Ahsoka, Anakin’s Padawan will have her own show in Disney+. In addition, HBO will put Woody Harrelson in a political drama with White House Plumbers and Kate Winslet in her most personal version with The Palace.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Announced as one of the big surprises of Netflix’s TUDUM in 2022, Bridgerton will receive its first spin-off. Before Queen Charlotte announced “the Diamond” of Ton’s social season in Bridgerton, she was a young woman who fell in love with King George. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is the prequel to the popular Netflix series. This, as her name implies, follows the main character as he rises to power and how her marriage to King George created change and uproar in high society. The series consists of eight episodes and will debut on Netflix sometime in 2023. Golda Rosheuvel will reprise her role as Queen Charlotte, with India Amarteifio playing the younger version of her character.

Poker Face by Rian Johnson

rian johnson he has not released a mystery when he is already in another. The director of the Knives Out franchise will premiere his first crime-intrigue series. This, presumably, could happen in the same universe as detective Benoit Blanc.

Like a ten episode mystery show, poker face will debut on Peacock on January 26. The long-awaited series follows Charlie Cale (Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne), who can always tell when someone is lying to her. The show will tackle a new mystery each episode as Charlie travels from one location to the next to solve crimes. Johnson will direct and write some episodes and Lyonne will do the same in addition to starring. The series also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Adrien Brody.


First introduced in the animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano, who was once Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Padawan, will finally get her own live-action series on Disney+. Played by Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian season 2 and appeared in The Book of Boba Fett season 1. Ahsoka is set in the same timeline as The Mandalorian, though plot details are under wraps. The series will debut on Disney+ sometime in 2023, though an exact release date hasn’t been announced.

White House Plumbers

Political drama, how much was needed on TV. White House Plumbers follows Ronald Reagan’s contractors E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, who were part of the title unit that was created to prevent media leaks and were behind Watergate. The HBO series will debut in March 2023 on HBO and stars Woody Harrelson as Hunt, Justin Theroux as Liddy, Domhnall Gleeson, Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey and Kiernan Shipka.

Without a doubt, the distribution It is one of the things that most motivates the audience to watch the show.

The Palace

After starring in Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet returns to HBO in The Palace, which is set inside a palace over the course of a year during the deterioration of an authoritarian regime. Not much is known about the plot of the HBO miniseries, but Winslet will be joined by Hugh Grant, who actually had a cameo in Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. A release date for The Palace has yet to be announced, but it is expected to premiere on HBO in 2023.

other productions

In addition, it will premiere Gen V, which is a spin-off of The Boys. However, because it is a superhero production (as sadistic as they may be) it was not included in the previous list. Gen V follows a group of college-age Supes who attend Godolkin University’s School of Crime Fighting, owned by Vought International, the organization headed by Homelander. The students must compete for Supe’s best contracts in what is billed as a Hunger Games-style college show that doesn’t forget its roots in The Boys. Starring Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Sean Patrick Thomas and Chance Perdomo, Gen V will premiere in 2023, ahead of The Boys season 4.

It should be noted that anxiety does not come only for 100% new products, but also for those that will win more seasons. This is the case of great successes like The Witcher, Bridgerton, The Crown, ted lasso Y succession.

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5 series (not superheroes) that will premiere in 2023

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