“A mediocre film”: Joyce Carol Oates attacks Spielberg’s ‘The Fabelmans’

Joyce Carol Oates She is an active tweeter, who, beyond her literary activities, likes to comment on everything on social networks. Especially cinema, as we saw when he launched to defend Blonde. Andrew Dominic had taken to the cinema the adaptation that Oates herself made of the life of marilyn monroe beside Ana de Armas as an actress: the film released on Netflix was met with destructive opinions from the public and critics, which Oates did not hesitate to confront via Twitter. Although the poor reception rules out the presence of Blonde In a good part of the awards in the current career, De Armas’ work has been applauded enough not to rule it out entirely.

So it happens that Blonde compete, more or less, with The Fabelmans in the Oscar competition. The autobiographical film Steven Spielberg recently triumphed at the Golden Globes confirming itself as front runnerand Oates then took the opportunity to give his assessment of the film… which is not too positive. The Fabelmanswhich will arrive Feb. 10 to Spain, has a cameo David Lynch playing the legendary john fordin a scene that has already gone around social networks and that for the writer of pure fire It turns out to be the only appreciable thing about the film. “This was the most imaginative scene of The Fabelmanswhich on the whole is a remarkably mediocre film for all the attention and awards it’s getting.”Oates tweeted.

“It must be daunting for young filmmakers”he continued, to then address the presence of The Fabelmans at the Golden Globes. I didn’t see the awards ceremony but did he really win? The Fabelmans a TÁR? Already Banshees by Inisherin? Amazing”wrote referring to the new works of Todd Field Y Martin McDonaldwhich are the other main frontrunners next to Spielberg’s title. Oates then retweeted a post that read: “I think The Fabelmans it is awful. Heavy writing and everything very artificial, disgusting”. And later he delved into other details of the film.

“By making a blond anti-Semitic Aryan the pseudo-hero of his high school movie, young Fabelman disarms his enemies and gains a pseudo-friend. Is this an acknowledgment of the shallowness of your director’s career?. The Fabelmans is starring Michelle Williams, Paul Dano Y Seth Rogenwith gabriel labelle in the role of young Sam, Spielberg’s alter ego.

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“A mediocre film”: Joyce Carol Oates attacks Spielberg’s ‘The Fabelmans’

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