A new AI appears that goes viral by posing a threat to dubbing in the film, series and video game industry

Carlos Santanapopularizer of Artificial Intelligence, posted a video on his professional Twitter profile that went extremely viral. The footage in question showed a AI capable of modifying the gestures in the dialogues of the actors seen in movies and series: “From adjusting and synchronizing the gestures to each language of the dubbing, to directly eliminating any dialogue to leave it like Neo without a mouth in the Matrix”, explains Santana in the publication that we will leave you with below. The AI ​​has not gone unnoticed at all because many have noticed it as a threat to the world of dubbingbecause, according to Santana himself: “Soon we will see dubbing with cloned voices that translate the voice of the original actor with the same tone and timbre, and you already have the complete combi”.

AIs are improving their technology on a daily basis and more and more sectors are being threatened

That publication in question has achieved great virality, reaching up to 277.7 thousand reproductions and among all the comments that can be read, those who point out that this could end with that beloved sector of dubbing that is in charge of being able to transfer projects to a broader public (people with vision problems who cannot read subtitles, lack of knowledge of the language spoken in the project in question…). Santana has shed light on the matter by seeing that the publication was reaching a very wide audience.and it has not exactly brought good news:

“Many of you are talking about the dubbing industry eventually disappearing. And without wanting to frivolize and just for the sake of putting this information in public and open to debate: I would say yes“, assuring on the other hand that it does not have this as its objective, but that it is something that can happen. The specialist in Artificial Intelligence explains in four simple steps how this AI would end up eating the dubbing of a lifetime, starting with the appearance of a powerful new AI capable of cloning voices. The companies will begin to flirt with it, to lower costs, and some will test the AI ​​with some project.If there is much criticism, the companies will not go ahead, but if there are not too many complaints, it will be implemented.

The AI ​​in question studies the expression points of the characters and adjusts the tone of the dialogues.

This leap to AI will definitely take place “when the debate calms down and the assimilation of technology spreads throughout society, large companies will balance the opportunity cost of not using them and the damage to their public image. At one point, they will enter.” for now, we have that AI in place that can, as you can see, adjust synchronizations without any problemand in any language. Of course, this does not mean that dubbing will disappear, since It is an element that requires the human factor, it is essential so that emotions can be transmitted correctly.

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A new AI appears that goes viral by posing a threat to dubbing in the film, series and video game industry

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