A new spy series from the director of the first “Jason Bourne” film has arrived on Netflix

A rookie CIA lawyer finds himself embroiled in a dangerous international political plot when a former agent threatens to expose her longstanding relationship with the agency if she is not exonerated of a terrible crime. (Netflix)

A spy series that finds its tone from episode one and manages to move between comedy and drama with a strong dose of action. All that is the summary of The noobone of the successes of Netflix at this time. Let’s start by saying that the original title is The Recruit, that is to say the recruit, not the rookie. This must be mentioned, because the creator of this fiction is Alexi Hawley, the showrunner from the hit series The Rookiewhose translation into Spanish would be, precisely, the novice.

The Rookie It is one of the great successes of today and its protagonist, Nathan Fillion, also has a participation in the newly released fiction. Clarified this, let’s move on to the series that opens now. The protagonist from The noob is Owen Hendricks (Noah Centineo), a lawyer who starts working for the CIA. What seems like a relaxed start with routine jobs very quickly turns into a complicated life and death mission.

Noah Centineo stars in "The noob", a series that recently premiered on streaming. (Netflix)
Noah Centineo stars in “The Rookie”, a series that recently premiered on streaming. (Netflix)

Owen is simply searching for clues in the many and mostly useless emails that come to the agency until he comes across a dangerous asset who is extorting money from the agency by promising to tell everything he knows in the years it was in operation. An asset is an agent that provides information, it can be a double agent or also a paid informant. In this case it is Max Meladze (Laura Haddock) a dangerous woman born in Belarus who is now in prison. As soon as Owen makes contact, a complex and dangerous international espionage plot will be unleashed.

The series begins with a lot of rhythm and a great sense of humor. This allows the viewer to buy into the implausibility of some details and indulge in the fun without prejudice. You will then add elements to increase the action and suspense, as well as the drama. Innocently, Owen will try to continue with his personal life as if nothing had happened, but everything will become more and more entangled.

Alexi Hawley, showrunner of "The Rookie", is the mind behind this new spy title. (Netflix)
Alexi Hawley, showrunner of “The Rookie”, is the mind behind this new spy title. (Netflix)

However, it is this mix that allows The noob keep your humor in every space where this is possible. We know the stories of rookies getting into trouble and this is one of the most successful. It is possible that one of the keys to its effectiveness lies in one of its producers and directors, Doug Liman.

He is the director and producer of Unknown identity (The Bourne Identity2002), nothing less than the first film of Jason Bourne. The first two episodes of the new fiction they have the strength and tension of that film and are surprising for their quality. Those who are looking for a series of espionage, action, drama and also humor, this title is the one to meet their expectations.

Doug Liman, director of the first installment of "Jason Bourne", integrates the creative team of the production. (Netflix)
Doug Liman, director of the first installment of “Jason Bourne,” is a member of the production’s creative team. (Netflix)

The closing of the first season of eight episodes cries out for the premiere of the second in Netflix.

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A new spy series from the director of the first “Jason Bourne” film has arrived on Netflix

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