Anya Taylor-Joy’s latest film already has a release date on Star+

Margot and Tyler travel to a remote island to eat at an upscale restaurant run by Chef Slowik, who has prepared a menu where the food is treated like concept art, but his approach to cooking holds some shocking surprises for wealthy guests. (Searchlight Pictures)

Even though The menu (The Menu) It is a small film, with a reduced budget, it counts among its ranks renowned figures such as Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult. This, coupled with the horror premise on the culinary world, made the production attract attention since its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last September. After its time on the big screen, the production directed by Mark Mylod (Stroke of luck) arrives at Star+ and we tell you when.

For some specialists, who gave this work an 89 percent approval (according to the site Rotten Tomatoes), one of the great contributions of this feature film is the way in which the story manages to mix fear, suspense and visual terror, framed in the world of cooking. In addition, the film is praised for its satire and criticism of millionaires and the upper class. It was listed as one of the most outstanding films of the past year.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult give life to a couple in "The menu". (Searchlight Pictures)
Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult give life to a couple in “The Menu”. (Searchlight Pictures)

In the fiction, Taylor-Joy (Margot Mills) and Hoult (Tyler) play a couple who travel to Hawthorne, an exclusive restaurant on a remote island. There celebrity chef Julian Slowik (Fiennes) has prepared a lavish menu for the couple and other wealthy patrons, though it soon becomes clear that the restaurant and chef are not what they seem. Both are part of a select group of 12 people who have paid a small fortune to dine at the celebrity chef’s restaurant.

Since her arrival at the exclusive place, Margot, who is not interested in this world of appearances, begins to suspect that something bad is about to happen. Likewise, a few other millionaire diners are taken aback as the night wears on and Slowik is seen acting strangely and overly dedicated to her craft. The plot focuses mainly on the character of Fiennes, whom the director describes as someone “who wants to go down in flames.”

Ralph Fiennes plays chef Julian Slowik. (Searchlight Pictures)
Ralph Fiennes plays chef Julian Slowik. (Searchlight Pictures)

In conversation with the press, Ralph Fiennes revealed the project caught his attention, because he considered it “a strange story with a dark plot.” In turn, he described his character as “a disturbing and psychopathic figure.” For his part, for Anya Taylor-Joy, this feature film -unlike others of the genre in which he has worked as The witch-handles a “completely different kind of terror.”

The menu he pokes fun at his characters, portrayed as wealthy guests leading flamboyant lives. Self-centered and narcissistic beings willing to pay anything to be part of the most exclusive. “To me, this story is about privilege for privilege’s sake or pretense for pretense,” Taylor-Joy told Reuters at the film’s premiere in London. “If you’re not having fun and if you’re not enjoying life, what are you really doing? I think a lot of these characters are insatiable and it’s definitely a dark satire on that subject.”

Mark Mylod's feature film had a budget of 30 million dollars. (Searchlight Pictures)
Mark Mylod’s feature film had a budget of 30 million dollars. (Searchlight Pictures)

Various critics point out that the production is surprising due to its scathing commentary on the need to consume without worrying about the consequences that this may bring. In addition, it places special emphasis on the livelihoods and mental health of service providers such as cooks, waiters and cleaning staff. Despite all this, the film has high doses of black humor and horror mixed in to get its point across without being too intense.

The filmmaker Mark Mylod, recognized for his work on series such as succession Y game of Thrones, hired the best chefs to guarantee its authenticity: “We work with Dominique Crenn, she has three Michelin stars and is literally a world-class chef. We work with David Gelp, who was the creator of Chef’s Table and came to do some shots foodporn for us,” he said.

The menustarring Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes, opens on January 18 in Star+.

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Anya Taylor-Joy’s latest film already has a release date on Star+

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