Bruce Willis returns to theaters with a new action ‘thriller’: an opportunity to see him on the big screen before the last film of his career

The actor reported almost a year ago now that he suffered from aphasia, a disease that affects communication and that had forced him to paralyze his career. ‘Detective Knight: Redemption’, already in theaters, is the penultimate one we will see on the big screen.

With BabylonDamien Chazelle’s new film after shooting it with La La Landas the most anticipated premiere of this week on the billboard, perhaps it has gone more unnoticed than comes to movie theaters Detective Knight: Redemptiona action thriller that does not arrive with great expectation but that maybe it’s our last chance to see Bruce Willis, who for decades was a true Hollywood star and now faces one of the hardest moments of his life, on the big screen.

Detective Knight: Redemption It is not the last film by Bruce Willis, but it is the penultimate one. After a 2022 in which he has released no less than 12 feature films, in 2023 he will also arrive Detective Knight Independence, third part of the saga that will be released on March 3 in Spain and assassin, that although in the United States it already has a date of arrival at the cinema next March, it remains to be seen if it will also obtain a distributor in Spain. In the meantime, that Bruce Willis returns to theaters is already a reality and it is thanks to this Edward Drake film that is already on the billboard.

The stoppage of Bruce Willis’s careera mythical action movie that has left us characters to remember, was one of the saddest news of the past 2022. The actor I had been away from big projects for a while and his career had taken a somewhat strange turn, with small but very numerous participations in direct-to-video films. We learned the reality of his situation in March 2022, when a statement from the family reported that the actor from Crystal jungle He suffered from aphasia, a language disorder that affects the ability to communicate and is often caused by a stroke, severe head injury, brain tumors, or progressive neurological conditions.

Bruce Willis retires from acting due to illness

“It is affecting his cognitive abilities,” the statement read. “As a result of this and with much consideration, Bruce is stepping back from the career that has meant so much to him.” Sad news for his fans as well as for the industry, to which he has given great performances and characters that will go down in history.

In Detective Knight: Redemption, unlike in other of the numerous productions in which he has participated before his retirement, Bruce Willis does play the main character: Detective James Knight, an ex-cop who dreamed of a peaceful retirement, but gets caught up in a massive prison break. The escape is being led by a terrorist known as The Christmas Bomber, a criminal has filled the city with his cronies, all dressed as Santa Claus, and they are terrorizing the city. More than enough reason for James Knight to return to his position. Of course, those who have already seen it, point out that the actor barely has dialogue.

The film is a sequel to Detective Knight: No Mercy, in which Willis already played the character, which was released last November. With Detective Knight: Independencethe trilogy is one of the last works of Willis, who shot the three films in a row in 2021.

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Bruce Willis returns to theaters with a new action ‘thriller’: an opportunity to see him on the big screen before the last film of his career

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