Cobra Kai: 2 actors who worked with Ralph Macchio and died in real life

Cobra Kai is immersed in the same universe as the Karate Kid. Therefore, some of the characters that appear in the Netflix series were already established in the film saga. Two of those who worked with Ralph Macchio on film productions have died in real life.

Cobra Kai is the streaming platform series Netflix which premiered in 2018 and is currently awaiting renewal for season 6. The drama presented its fifth installment at the beginning of last September and its ending left fans in suspense after a series of events that endangered the lives of some of the main characters.

As is known, Cobra Kai is the sequel to the successful film series. karate Kid which premiered in the 1980s. The series follows Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (william zabka), set nearly 40 years after the events of the films and follows both characters established in the universe and others who were created for the Netflix drama. However, they are all fundamental to the development of the stories.

While some of the biggest members of the Karate Kid cast have appeared on the Netflix series, Cobra Kai, others unfortunately haven’t had the same luck. However, they remain in the hearts and memories of viewers who have followed Daniel and Johnny for several decades.

It turns out that two actors who worked with Ralph Macchio on the Karate Kid movies have passed away in real life. One of them had a key guest role in Johnny Lawrence’s arc on the Netflix series, appearing in Cobra Kai season 2 with a moving story. While the other, he did not have the same luck to appear in the drama, but he is still remembered for his cameo in Karate Kid II.

Clarence Gilyard Jr.

Clarence Gilyard Jr. appeared in The Karate Kid II and passed away in November 2022

The star Clarence Gilyard Jr. appeared in Karate Kid II as a GI who participated in an icebreaker competition alongside Daniel LaRusso. Although this character was not part of the Cobra Kai series, he is surely well remembered by fans who have followed the stories from the beginning. The actor passed away at age 66 on November 28, 2022after a long illness. Although he was retired from the screen, he currently taught film and theater at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Rob Garrison

Rob Garrison worked on Kara Kid I and II and appeared in Cobra Kai Season 2

Rob Garrison He played Tommy in the movies and Cobra Kai as one of Johnny Lawrence’s best friends. He was an excellent film and television actor well known for his role in the Karate Kid I and II productions in 1984 and 1986. His last special appearance on screen was in the Cobra Kai season 2 episode, titled “Take a Right “, in which the character of William Zabka is reunited with his friends from the past to say goodbye to Tommy, who suffers from a terminal illness that ended up leading to his death.

In real life, Rob Garrison also suffered from a terminal illness like his character in Cobra Kai. His arrival on the Netflix drama served as an emotional farewell for the Karate Kid actor who passed away on September 27, 2019 at age 59after filming the last scenes of the program.

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Cobra Kai: 2 actors who worked with Ralph Macchio and died in real life

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