Colin Farrell remembers the movie of his career that was a fiasco: “I thought he was a shitty actor”

The third time lucky, Colin Farrel rose with him Golden Globe 2023 to the best leading actor in a film for Banshees by Inisherinafter being nominated in the past by Hiding in Bruges (2008) and Locust (2015). The culmination of a hectic career, which has not been exempt from major unexpected setbacks, such as the one in the film cheering great (2004).

Expectation is a dangerous thing. Alexander the Great it was a story Oliver Stone had dreamed of since he was in college. That’s why it was as big, global, political, exciting, violent and sensual as it was. It was really personal for Oliver and me. He took us on a six-month shoot across three continents. It was incredible,” Farrell recently noted for The Hollywood Reporter about his work as the King of Macedonia and Hegemon of Greece.

“When I say ‘expectation’, I mean that we all had our tuxedos ready for the award shows. I’m not kidding. We were like, “Okay guys, we’re off to the Oscars. This is a sure thing.” Then the movie came out and the first reviews came out, and I remember someone saying, ‘God, this is not good’. adds the actor, who felt even more dizzy when his publicist also warned him against bad words against the film.

The most devastating criticism

“There was nothing like Rotten Tomatoes back then, so it had all the printed reviews that read: ‘Alexander the Fool’, ‘Alexander the Boring’, ‘Alexander the Inarticulate’, ‘Alexander the Weak’. A great fiasco for the actor in the words of the professionals of the specialized press. “I felt very ashamed. I was in a position where I wanted to say to everyone I met, ‘Have you seen Alexander the Great? If so, I’m so sorry.’ I’m not even kidding. I wasn’t going to pay them back the $20 million, but…”

This setback caused Farrell to decide to take some time to relax at a Lake Tahoe ski resort, where instead of skiing he decided to wear masks and hats for three days. However, the feeling of discomfort began to overwhelm him very soon. “I thought, ‘I’m a shitty actor. I’ve been found out.’ A time in which Farrell was 28 years old and which marked a hard return to the cinema.

reinventing himself

Soon the interpreter he tried to use his courage and “reconnect with that 17-year-old boy who was studying acting classes”. A complex process after having found a relevant place in the Hollywood industry, with titles such as Minority Report (2002), Last call (2002), The proof (2003), Daredevil (2003) or SWAT: Harrelson’s Men (2003).

Farrell does not hesitate to also compare his case with that of Justin Bieber, when a few years ago he threw eggs at some neighbors, causing quite a stir. An event that for him is nothing considering the pressure to which artists are subjected daily and advocating for new opportunities.

The life of farrell has not been without controversy after joining a detox clinic in 2005while swerving sentimentally among big celebrities, from Britney Spears to Carmen Electra, passing even because of his platonic love for Elizabeth Taylor, that we knew recently in the first authorized biography of the actress.

A series of skirmishes that also caused the publication of a sex tape that threatened his career again. However, his story is that of a fighter who decided to bet on showing the best of himself in his performances, while dedicating himself body and soul to caring for his children. His filmography would speak for itself over the years.

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Colin Farrell remembers the movie of his career that was a fiasco: “I thought he was a shitty actor”

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