Controversy in Marvel: what will be the future of Monica Rambeau?

There is a new discussion regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics on which it is inspired. In this case it has to do with the character of Monica Rambeauinterpreted by Teyonah Parris. This is one of the figures that is being developed within the franchise in a second line, along with others that are more renowned. What is the point of debate, this time? The identity she will assume as a superhero.

One of the options for Monica Rambeau’s next appearance is for her to take on the mantle of photon. However, Eve Ewingla, one of the authors behind that figure, has some doubts regarding what the adaptation of the character will be like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The concern is valid, considering that she has gone by various names throughout the comics.

Monica Rambeau was a character created by Roger Sternbeside John Romita Jr. as an artist. Her first appearance occurred in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, edited in October 1982. From then until now, his role has varied and increased. In that transit, her identity as a superhero has also changed. And so the debate within Marvel in relation to her arises.

Monica Rambeau in the comics and
in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

During an interview on the show Black Comic Lords, Eve Ewinglawho has written the last three installments about Photon, referred to the possibility of the character being represented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe under another name. The author said:

“The publishing side and the Marvel Cinematic Universe side don’t communicate often. But sometimes we do. Let me put it this way: I didn’t choose to be called Photon in this comic. That’s all I’ll say.”

During the interview, Eve Ewingla commented that she would have liked the comic’s title to be simply, Monica Rambeau. His preference for this name, instead of other alteregos with which the character has been presented in the comics, has to do with his proximity to the Afro-descendant community. From the author’s point of view, recognizing her that way is much more representative.

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Controversy in Marvel: what will be the future of Monica Rambeau?

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