Criticism of An Explosive Wedding: Jennifer López says yes on Prime Video between explosions and shootings

Prime Video Add to your catalog an explosive wedding (Shotgun Wedding), a new romantic comedy whose main attraction is having Jennifer Lopez as main star. Given the mess spilled in networks with her prenuptial agreement with Ben Affleck, it’s funny to see her dressed as her girlfriend and about to step on the altar, although here the conflict is… another.

The launch on the platform means that the tape will be available in more than 86 countries around the world thanks to Amazon Prime Video’s alliance with Lionsgate, so it is an exceptional showcase.


Trailer of An Explosive Wedding

When a dream place turns into a nightmare

As it is not difficult to anticipate, the grace of an explosive wedding it is that everything that should go well, goes completely wrong, turning the “love party” par excellence into a hostile terrain, or more specifically, into a war in which the couple will have to improvise a lot to defend themselves.

Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) reunite their families for what will be the wedding of the century just as the couple begins to fear commitment. At her pre-wedding, her ex-partner (Lenny Kravitz) shows up and his anxiety to please her in everything about her begins to drive a wedge between them.

At the worst moment, when they are in the middle of a discussion, they realize that a group armed to the eyebrows has taken the guests hostage.

Darcy and Tom, already dressed to say “I do”, will have to reduce their attackers, rescue their loved ones and decide what to do with their lives, what will happen between shots, explosions, chases and crazy sequences of action.

As usually happens in each and every one of the productions in which Jennifer López participates, the film is built entirely as an artifice for her personal showcasing, so you are going to see her walking around scantily clad and showing off her butt (now a classic).

Nothing you don’t expect (except some laughs)

For better and for worse, an explosive wedding it is a pure genre film. Whoever finds it funny is going to enjoy the crazy adventures of this couple in crisis (in which, by the way, there isn’t much chemistry); Anyone who hates this type of story because they consider it a carbon copy of one another will have reasons to despair, because they don’t skip a single comma from the conventions.

In such a way that, few surprises, many commonplaces and no need to pay too much attention to the development of the story because even if the development were elided, it would not be at all difficult to guess the outcome.

an explosive wedding

Of course, we would miss the hilarious appearances of the recently awarded Jennifer Coolidge for his brilliant work on The White Lotus, because here he hits the bell again doing more or less the same thing, as already hinted at in the trailer. So she steals the show from JLo.

Regarding the final finish, it is not a particularly ambitious film, it has few locations, a limited number of characters and some special effects, yes, to which you can put a thousand buts (poorly integrated chroma-keys, continuity failures palpable, singing doubles…) but hey, it’s clear that the accent wants to be on comedy and not on the quality of the action.

And we are going to end this review with a bit of sauce, which seems to accompany… This was the movie Armie Hammer was shooting when the scandal broke of the accusations of his ex-partners and was replaced by Josh Duhamel. Prior to them, the role of Tom had fallen to Ryan Reynolds, to whom that particular comic vision of his could have contributed a lot.

In short, in short, An explosive wedding does not deceive and offers more or less what was expected. On that point, at least she’s honest.

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Criticism of An Explosive Wedding: Jennifer López says yes on Prime Video between explosions and shootings

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