Date, DC Elseworlds and more: Everything we know about ‘The Batman 2’ with Robert Pattinson

After the success that meant batman in 2022, it was obvious that the sequel would be in the works sooner rather than later. And well, little by little the details about the movie that will see the return of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, directed by Matt Reeves.

Here, we will tell you and update everything that is currently known about the sequel. Also here we leave you our interview with Reeves, Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz and the cast from a few months ago.

Is there already a possible plot?

Well officially, no. Matt Reeves has not yet revealed where he will lead the second part of batman. And if we’re being honest, we can hope that he won’t release that detail anytime soon. For now, we only have fan speculation and some insider theories (which actually aren’t very reliable sometimes, hehe).

As you will remember, at the end of the movie he ended up with Edward Nashton/The Riddler (performed masterfully by Paul Dano) locked up in Arkham Hospital, after exposing all the corruption that was in Gotham City and almost completely flooding it. Selina (Zoë Kravitz) leaves the place leaving behind Bruce, who has the firm conviction to inspire something beyond revenge.

However, everything remains in a mysterious moment where we see the Riddler engaging in a sinister conversation with another inmate… After the premiere of the film, Warner Bros and DC shared a deleted scene where we see Barry Keoghan as the Joker in an interrogation, which was supposed to be shown in the film as the protagonist searched for more clues about Paul Dano’s character.

It seems early to confirm it, but this keeps the hope firm that the Joker is the main antagonist of the second part of Batmano…or at least one of the main villains, if several were to be added.

Title and release date of ‘The Batman 2’

For now, the title part is also unknown, with the provisional name of The Batman Part II used by some media. We will eventually see if, depending on the plot, there will be a modification according to what the tape shows us.

What we do already know is the official release date of the film. James Gunn and Peter Safranco-presidents of DC Studios, announced on January 31 the plan they have for the different superhero franchises belonging to Warner Bros (HERE all wave), from the DCU to the Elseworlds part.

Batman 2 It will be released until October 3, 2025. Tsss, he still has a while to go…

Illustrative image. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Ah, geez… What is this about DC Elseworlds?

This part is important to mention. When James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the presidency of the newborns DC Studiosit is speculated what would happen to all the DC Comics film installments that had been released previously.

At first, it had been commented that the co-chairs wanted to unify all the franchises at hand, and that made several think that batman could join the new DC universe or failing that, restart. But finally it became clear how the issue will be with all this.

And to all this, who is the mysterious character that appears at the end of 'The Batman'?
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Gunn and Safran will develop their DCU and in it, they will have a different version of the “Batman” that we will see in a movie called The Brave and The Boldwhere we will essentially see Batman, Robin (in his sadistic version of Damian Wayne) and other members of the bat-family.

Meanwhile, the hero version of Robert Pattinson will remain under the DC Elseworlds label at the cinema. This label, in the comics, corresponds to various alternative histories of the characters that take place in a different place and time from the main continuity.

The second installment of joker with Joaquin Phoenix and a future Superman in the hands of JJ AbramsThey will also be part of the DC Elseworlds deliveries with which James Gunn will separate his DCU from the other alternative franchises on the big screen.

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Date, DC Elseworlds and more: Everything we know about ‘The Batman 2’ with Robert Pattinson

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