Dave Bautista says he never wanted to be like the Rock, but a respectable actor

Dave Bautista says he never wanted to be like the Rock, but a respectable actor

Dave Bautista’s career in wrestling is extensive and successful, but like many other members of the guild, he made the leap into the world of cinema and has not done badly at all. At 53, he is a respected actor in the medium and continues in his search for solid roles in different projects. Through a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Bautista declares that his intention was never to become the next Dwayne Johnson, but rather to become a respectable Hollywood actor.

We have seen Dave in films like Blade Runner 2049 (88%) and Dune (75%), both of which are highly commented by critics. Although he has had a very rewarding run in the Guardians of the Galaxy saga, his goal was never to be a family comedy actor, but something more challenging. Dwayne Johnson has devoted himself extensively to developing films that even children can see, as his goal is to make as much money as possible at the box office.. The rock He has made a brand of his name, since his interest is not to be an actor entirely dedicated to this art; Baptist look at it another way:

I never wanted to be the next Rock. I just want to be a damn good actor. A respected actor.

This is not the first time that Dave talk about Dwayne in an interview to jobloWell, let’s remember when in April 2021 he mentioned that he is a real actor: “No, because I have tried to take the other route. Like, “The Rock” is a perfect example of someone using that force, so he wanted to go against that line and make everything much smaller, very subtle.” Or in 2019 to Tampa Bay Times, and from John Cena: “They are fighters who became movie stars. I am something else. I’m a fighter. Now I am an actor. The Rock, in a way, was a movie star before he was a movie star.”

Dave Bautista will return as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3his last intervention in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a stage that you already want to leave behind to focus on other projects of greater interest. Remember that the actor will also have an important participation in Dune 2, a long-awaited sequel by Denis Villeneuve in which he reprises his role as Glossu Rabban. Following his remarkable performance as a replicant in Blade Runner 2049the director was satisfied and called him back for another of his films.

For your part, perhaps The rock He is not an actor with years of preparation, but his name has been a magnet for big box office hits for a long time, and other businesses under his power have allowed him to amass a fortune of US$800 million, becoming one of the highest earning stars in the entire industry. It’s a shame that the last few months have been chaotic for him, especially with the hasty pitching of Black Adam (52%), a movie that promised a lot and that finally ended up breaking the dreams of many fans. At the moment it is not known if Johnson will return to the DCU, but we are certain that Henry Cavill, an actor who appeared in the film with a Superman cameo, will not. The new presidents of DC Studios are betting on somewhat different ideas.

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Dave Bautista says he never wanted to be like the Rock, but a respectable actor

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