Deleted scene of the vulture in Spider-Man: No way home

The merchandise of Spider-Man: No way home revealed that Michael Keaton’s Vulture was going to appear but was erased from history

It’s been over a year since the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and fans continue to discover never-before-seen footage from the film. Now a scene has been revealed in which Michael Keaton’s vulture was to appear.

When Spider-Man: Homecoming had just been released and the world got its first glimpse of Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Adrian Toomes, it was clear he would become a fan-favorite villain. Fortunately, at the end of the film, the Vulture was still alive, which opened the door to a future return of the villain in the MCU.

An expected return that did not occur

Many expected him to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home along with other previous villains, such as Willem Dafoe’s green goblin, Jamie Foxx’s Electro or Alfred Molina’s Octopuss, especially after the first images of the Lego sets revealed that the vulture was part of the story. But he never showed up. Other Lego sets brought back Mysterio and Nick Fury, as well as the drones, but it was surely a scene from Far from home,

However, thanks to a new Instagram post shared by the concept artist phil langone we can know a scene that was deleted from the film in which Michael Keaton was going to participate as the vulture.

Deleted scene of the vulture in Spider-Man: No way home

The image shows the sandman, Doc Ock, and a figure in Michael Keaton’s signature Adrian Toomes jacket, aka the Vulture, can be made out hiding in some kind of auto repair shop. In his post, the artist noted that “[la] location of Norman’s betrayal [Osborn] changed several times”, and once there were “much more police”:

“This location for Norman’s betrayal changed several times. Even after drawing her in different ways, I was still amazed where she ended up. And some of the characters also changed. There were also a lot more police on the first few passes that you can see here.”

When asked directly if the mysterious figure on the right was Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, Langone confirmed it, noting that it was “one of those early iterations”.

The exteriors of the workshop

Other previously posted concept art by Senior Concept Designer Sean Hargreaves in ArtStation they showed the secret hiding place to which this art refers showing the exteriors of the workshop that never made it to the screen to Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Exterior not used in Spider-man: No way home

Exterior not used in Spider-man: No way home

Exterior not used in Spider-man: No way home
Michael Keaton Is Not Having Luck With His Latest Superhero Projects

Although Michael Keaton did not finally appear in Spider-man: No Way Homeyes, he did it in Morbius. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for anything good; in fact, the scene in which he appeared is considered by many to be one of the worst post-credits scenes in historycertainly the Morbius disaster didn’t help too much either.

The actor hasn’t really had much luck recently. He not only did not get to participate in Spider-Man: No Way Homea film that underwent a lot of changes such as the eelimination in the América Chávez plotbut was part of one of the worst comic book movies in recent memory (Morbius), had a key role in the canceled Batgirl, and now he’s set to co-star in the eventful movie Flashwith some plans for his Batman in the DCU unclear.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios can find a way to bring him back in Spider-Man 4 or another MCU project. Keaton is not only a fantastic actor, but the character has so many more stories that could be told alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

You can currently see in Spain the extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home through the Movistar Plus service. In the USA you can see No way Home through Starz. Of course for rent or digital purchase in applications such as Amazon Prime, Apple Tv, Rakuten or Google Play.

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Deleted scene of the vulture in Spider-Man: No way home

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