Ex of Gael García clarifies fight with Natalie Portman because of the Mexican actor

Dolores Fonzi reveals details of the scandal with Natalie Portman and her ex, Gael García Bernal

In a recent interview on a television show, Dolores Fonzi clarified and gave extra details about the situation he experienced in 2006 and that involved his then “friend”, Gael Garcia Bernalwho is currently 44 years old, and his current girlfriend (and future Oscar winner), Natalie Portmanacknowledging that the situation was exaggerated by the media that followed every movement of those involved at that time and explained how living that situation affected him.

“The Argentine media are very particular and very scandalous. The truth is that she appeared here and I… she seemed exciting to me, I don’t know, I didn’t understand. It’s her, it’s Natalie Portmanof Star Wars. Everything that was put together around her was more scandalous,” Dolres recalled on the program. The Mammonsbefore assuring that she was not the cause of the break between Gael and Natalie.

“I have known the father of my children for a long time. I didn’t break anything,” emphasized the actress.

At the point of the interviewer who said that “Men are the ones who break”, alluding to the fact that it would have been gael garcia who ended his courtship with Natalie Portmanthe Argentine actress agreed.

On YouTube you can see a video recorded on the outskirts of a restaurant in Buenos Aires, in those days, in which a group of paparazzi surrounds and harasses Natalie Portmanwho left the place with his head covered by a jacket and, due to the aggressiveness, attacked a photographer, hitting her camera and causing a great scandal at that time.

However, Dolores assured that things were not as serious as we would like to think and revealed that the situation affected her peace of mind.

“Everything very taken (out of context). Everything very high, cars were chasing us. Three cars without lights. It was the time of express kidnappings. I was leaving therapy and there were three cars waiting for me, following me around the city. It was horrible, it was really horrible. Now it does not happen, because there is no more budget and it no longer comes Natalie Portman. Those things don’t happen anymore, but it was intense,” he recalled. Dolores Fonzi44 years old, with a sense of humor.

According to publish The universalAt that time, Gael and Natalie had been dating for three years and, after these events, they traveled to southern Argentina to reconcile, although they ended their relationship some time later. It was until 2009 when the star of And Your Mother Too Y Dolores Fonzi They confirmed that they were a couple and that they later became parents to a girl and a boy.

Gael and Natalie were captured in Berlin in February 2007

The Gael García series that replicates the supposed love triangle with Dolores Fonzi and Natalie Portman

Users of social networks have noticed the “great similarity” (or coincidence) that exists between the alleged disagreement between Natalie Portman Y Dolores Fonzi with a miniseries in which he acts gael garciacall station eleven, in which his character cheats on his girlfriend with a woman with whom he later has a child and, when the girlfriend finds out, makes a scandal. It would then seem that, once again, reality would have surpassed (and in this case would have been ahead of) reality.

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Ex of Gael García clarifies fight with Natalie Portman because of the Mexican actor

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