“Fiona” short horror film revives the princess of Shrek

  • The film industry in Mexico contributes just over 10 billion pesos.

  • It is estimated that there are at least 6 genres that encompass horror movies, of which countless more subgenres can be deployed.

  • Winnie the Pooh is another film that shows an alternative and terrifying vision of a child calcium.

“Fiona” is a short horror film project that investigates the alternate history, which indicates that the princess fed on the corpses of those warriors who came to her rescue.

Within the cinematographic themes, terror plays a special apple, since it defines an industry that has its own underworld, because within this genre, there is a wide variety of themes that can generate a number of emotions and reactions between the exteriors, such is the case of “Fiona”, a film that has reintegrated Shrek into the digital conversation, film that has marked more than a generation.

The film industry is a very important sector within the national territory, because according to what was indicated by the National Chamber of the Film Industry (canacine), an economic flow generated by box office revenues of more than 10 thousand 853 million pesos has been established, This is because it is estimated that around 5 million people go to the cinema on a regular basis.

Within the genres of cinema, horror is one of the most consumed, for many reasons, since it has a strong impact on viewers, thanks to aspects within psychology that allow us to understand certain traits that define fears and the fears of the population as a whole.

“Fiona” short horror film revives the princess of Shrek

Horror cinema is an extremely broad genre, because despite what one might imagine, this genre is made up of at least six distinctive features, such as Gore, Slasher, Horror, Thriller, Psychological Terror and Creepypastas, of which a large number of subgenres can be deployed.

Within a short clip of just over four minutes, the alternative outcome to the story we know of Shrek is revealed.since in this Horror or Creepypasta film, It is evident what would happen if Princess Fiona became in her Ogra state, a people-eating commustro, since the film shows how she feeds on those knights who come to her rescue.

Andy Chen, is in charge of giving life to the terrifying short, which adds to a trend, where childhood classics are taken to reveal, in the most terrifying way, the fears of several generations, such is the case of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Hohner and Terrifier, adaptations that show an alternative vision of the classic children’s stories.

For consumers of horror genres, having independent films is one of the most active ways in which this genre grows, since it is these creatives who define the themes and the degree of fear that they can instill among their viewers, taking from a little more freely the theme of each film.

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“Fiona” short horror film revives the princess of Shrek

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