Florence Pugh’s next movies: from ‘Dune: Part II’ to ‘Thunderbolts’

If anyone thought that this 2022 had been the year of Florence Pugh let him know he is wrong. This has only been the beginning. Because despite the fact that Miss Flo has given a lot to talk about (and not always because of her magnificent work, because for History there is already her walk through the Venice Festival, cocktail in hand, while her colleagues promoted Do not worry dear), the actress has a very tight schedule for 2023.

At the age of 27, Pugh stands out as one of the most promising actresses of her generation with a Oscar nomination and another to the BAFTAs for Best Supporting Actress for little women and a Critics’ Choice Super Award for Best Actress in a Superhero Movie for black widow. And yet, it seems that his best roles are yet to come.

From the imaginary planet of Arrakis to the historic Manhattan Project, this year (and the next) is full of great premieres and, in all of them, there seems to be room for the young actress. Next, we present the list of titles of 2023 and 2024 in which we can enjoy the work of the interpreter who is sweeping Hollywood.

Dunes: Part II

The first installment left us with the invasion of Arrakis at the hands of the Harkonnens and the need to see how it will develop. Denis Villeneuve the relationship between Chani (zendaya) and Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet). Yes Dunes: Part I already had a cast that promised 2 hours and a half of delight (with Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson Y Javier Bardemamong others), his second installment is not far behind.

Florence Pugh will be in charge of giving life to Princess Irulan Corrino, daughter of the emperor (Christopher Walken) and called to be the wife-in-law of Paul Atreides. In addition to being the meeting place for the Chalamet-Pugh duo since their acclaimed performance in little womenthe film will have other stellar additions: Austin Butler he will get into the skin of Feyd-Rautha, nephew of the Baron (Stellan Skarsgard) and Rabban’s cousin (dave bautista), and the French actress Lea Seydoux She will play Lady Margot, a Bene Gesserit under the influence of the Corrino house.

Dunes: Part II It is scheduled to be released in theaters next November 3, 2023.


It’s the new thing Christopher Nolan and, despite the fact that the trailer did not give us a glimpse of much of the cast, except for the solemn voice of a cillian murphy aged through makeup, we know that the director has once again surrounded himself with some of the great performers of the moment.

based on the book The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimerwritten by kai bird Y Martin J Sherwin, the film narrates the creation of Trinity, the first prototype of an atomic bomb. The history of the so-called Manhattan Project has the participation of Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt, Kenneth Branagh, Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Casey Affleck, Gary Oldman and, of course, Florence Pugh, who plays Jean Tatlock, the physicist and psychiatrist who fell in love with Oppenheimer.

oppenheimer will hit theaters on July 21, 2023.

A good person

“People say that she is the best actress of her generation. I think that she is one of the best active actresses, without exaggeration,” he said of Pugh. Zach Braffknown for the series Scrubs and director of A good person. On this occasion, the actress joins Morgan Freeman to tell the story of Allison and Daniel, two strangers united by a common tragedy.

While in the US its premiere is scheduled for March 31, 2023, in Spain we will have to wait for the may 19 to enjoy it.


Marvel debuts in the world of anti-heroes with thunderbolts, the movie about a team of supervillains recruited by the government to deliver justice (yes, just like DC’s Suicide Squad). Among the members of the group we find Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), the little sister of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) that we met in the movie of the same name and that we saw again in Hawk Eye.

For now we know that the film will be directed by jake schreirer (A friend for Frank, Paper Towns), which will have Eric Pearson as a screenwriter (Thor: Ragnarok and Black Widow) and that Pugh will be one of its protagonists along with other actors such as david harbor either Sebastian Stan.

While waiting for more news about the new MCU production, fans of the Marvel universe will have to wait for July 2024 to meet this team of supervillains.

The Maid

It was in 2020 when we began to hear the first news about the new movie of Universal Pictures starring Florence Pugh but, two years later, there is little information we have about this new proposal.

With the actress as part of the main cast and producer (along with Chris Goldberg, Josh McLaughlin Y Nita Prose), the film based on Prose’s novel of the same name will follow in the footsteps of Molly, a 25-year-old hotel cleaner who is accused of killing famous master suite resident Charles Black.

The Maid It still does not have a release date.

The pack

It is the debut of Alexander Skarsgard to the address. The protagonist of The Northman has decided to trust Pugh’s work to lead this story about a group of documentarians who, after trying to save an endangered species of wolves in Alaska, meet again at an awards ceremony where old tensions and dark secrets surface. .

The pack plans to start production in March 2023 so we will have to wait 2024 to know its history.


Little is known about the new Florence Pugh movie to AppleTV+ beyond her name, which will star the young actress and will have as scriptwriters Drew Pearce (Hotel Artemis) Y Vanessa Taylor (the shape of water).

In the absence of the name of the director and the rest of the cast, we can affirm that the new science-fiction production will introduce Pugh to that group of films focused on imagining dystopias with AI as the protagonist. Specifically, the film will tell the story of a “companion doll” who, after being accused of killing her owner, decides to hire a lawyer to defend her innocence in the murder trial.

Dolly It still does not have a release date.

East of Eden

And among so many future film projects, Pugh still has time to enter the world of miniseries with the adaptation of the novel by john steinbeck, East of Eden. The person in charge of transferring the words of the writer to the television script will be, neither more nor less, than zoe kazangranddaughter of elia kazan who, in his day, directed the adaptation of Steinbeck’s novel starring James Dean.

While waiting for more information and confirmation of its release date, we have the consolation of knowing that we still have Florence Pugh for a while.

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Florence Pugh’s next movies: from ‘Dune: Part II’ to ‘Thunderbolts’

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