Gerard Butler revealed that Hilary Swank “almost died” because of him on the set of Postscript, I love you: “She was very scared”

In 2007 it was released Richard LaGravenese’s hit drama, PS: I love you, made by Hilary Swank Y Gerard Butler. In the film, the actors who played Holly and Gerry, a married couple who lived a happy everyday life until Gerry’s death altered his wife’s existence. As a way of assuaging her pain, the man had left letters to Holly – whose delivery was strategically planned – so that she can overcome the anguish and rebuild her life without guilt.

The great chemistry between Swank and Butler was one of the successes of the film, which was recalled by the actor in a recent interview with Drew Barrymore on his show where he shared a fact that could have been a tragedy: Swank was injured in the head and could have died due to an interpretive decision of hers. “I cried as they took her to the hospital”recounted the protagonist of london under fire. “She got really scared,” she remarked.

In the talk with Barrymore, he expanded on how Swank’s life came to be in danger: “We were filming a scene where I started dancing like an idiot in my shorts and suspenders and they had to come loose and hit me in the face.” Nevertheless, An unforeseen event hurt the actress: “The piece of metal cut her head, her head split open,” recalled the actor and added: “I split her head open, and then they took her to the hospital and I stayed crying there, the shooters were so dangerous, that the whole team wore protective masks”.

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After the accident, filming was halted “in three seconds” and Butler admitted to being taken aback. “I hurt Hilary Swank, almost gouged out her eye and played a fool for two days”, he recalled and stressed that the Oscar winner is “a great person” to work with and that the incident was left behind and did not affect the excellent relationship between the two during the eventful filming.

In 2020, a sequel to the film was announced, but the project is on hold for now.. As confirmed by Variety, the directors and producers have the rights to the continuity of the story, which had a second part in 2019 with the novel, also written by the Irish Cecelia Ahern, postscript. When the news was communicated, the cast was not confirmed, but there were rumors of an attempt to bring together all the actors from the first film to make the film a success. According to the book, this new edition would begin seven years after Gerry’s death and six years after Holly read the last letter received.

According to what has transpired, in the plot Holly meets a new love but revives her feelings for her deceased partner because her sister invites her to her podcast to tell her experience. She does it with little spirit, not wanting to reopen old wounds. However, soon after the episode airs, many people begin to communicate with her, and they are all united by one thing in common: they are terminally ill and want to leave their own letters to their loved ones. In this way, the peace that Holly had achieved is altered and the woman embarks on a new, very moving journey.

The action star made headlines in 2021 due to a lawsuit
The action star made headlines in 2021 due to a lawsuitAFP

In July 2021, the actor denounced two producers before the Superior Court of Los Angeles for a million-dollar debt related to the income generated by a feature film.

In the lawsuit filed by his lawyers, the actor made it clear that the producers of Attack the White Housereleased in 2013, declared less than the actual income generated by the film, and that they did so to harm him. According to their statement, Nu Image and Millennium Films did not include in the profits anything less than $8 million that went to the executives. Due, the actor lost 10 million dollars.

Attack the White House
Attack the White HouseArchive

“The producers of the film made tens of millions of dollars but refuse to pay Butler a single penny of the gross receipts and profits that he was promised in the prior agreement signed by both parties. Butler worked with the defendants on a series of blockbuster films and demands what is fair. And he refuses to tolerate the misrepresentations and other unlawful conduct of the defendants ”, could be read in the lawsuit filed by Butler’s lawyers whose resolution is still unknown, since there were no official communications in this regard.


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Gerard Butler revealed that Hilary Swank “almost died” because of him on the set of Postscript, I love you: “She was very scared”

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