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It’s been a long time since The Walt Disney Company made the decision to lay off Gina Carano for his controversial opinions on issues of social concern. The actress was completely removed from the third season of The Mandalorian- 91%, a series with which he had seen a significant increase in his fame and income. Almost from one moment to the next, it ended up being canceled due to anti-vaccine trials or completely related to a right-wing vision that goes against other liberal ideas managed by an important segment of the population.

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In The Mandalorian, gina she played Cara Dune, a former rebel who specialized in skydiving who fought on the side of Princess Leia’s faction to fight the Empire. With the fighting over and a new republic installed, Dune withdraws from the movement and begins a solitary life as a mercenary and bounty hunter. Initially, fans welcomed the character with open arms, and she soon became a respected hero of the Star Wars universe, at least for the two seasons that she was active.

But carano He went too far on social networks by sharing his thoughts on sensitive topics in great detail. He took a direct stand against vaccines during the coronavirus pandemic, compared Republican and Nazi ideals, made statements that were taken as anti-Semitic insults, among other things. The comments set fire to gina they made the high command of Lucasfilm take action on the matter, deciding to eliminate the character without making forceful statements, only responding that “they had no plans for her in the future”.

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gina premiered his most recent film, produced by Ben Shapiro, Terror in the Prairie, last year. It is a western that tells the story of a woman living on the plains of Montana who must protect herself against a ruthless band of outlaws bent on revenge. According to IndieWire “the film was intended to be part of the stated strategy of The Daily Wire to make films that entertain the public without including ideological messages, but without being explicitly conservative either.” The target audience was members of the right, however, many of them criticized the film for being “too woke”, even by their standards.

Among the criticisms, observed on platforms such as IMDb, the fact that men abandon their weapons or have poor aim when shooting is despised; that women are strong and independent, that they annoy or defeat men, that they are not pleasant to the public and are “crazy”; that war veterans are portrayed as fools; showing a woman breastfeeding a baby.

Congratulations to Gina Carano for dethroning the FIFA movie for having the funniest opening weekend at the box office.

Some of these right-wing user reviews are really good.

Over the past few weeks, criticism of carano, to his work in general and problematic vision. The actress once again took to social media to speak out on the issue, condemning a journalist from The Hollywood Reporter for writing about her:

I just didn’t agree with the sell out narrative, the online mob couldn’t handle that so they petitioned to get me fired and they won. I’m not sorry about that. I stood up for what I think was right and the more time passes the better I feel. The real problem is selling out journalists like you, who sold out America and stopped asking questions to please a fickle manipulated mob. That is what you valued and that will be your legacy.

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Gina Carano’s new film is criticized for being “too woke” | tomatoes

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