HBO Max throws in the towel and sells 21 European series to other platforms

the video in streaming go through difficult times. While platforms like Netflix lose subscribers or submit proposals with ads that they do not finish seducing potential usersother services are seen forced to give in in their attempts to conquer new territories. Now it’s up to HBO Maxwhat in full dismantling process which has affected dozens of series and films in its catalogue, will begin to sell European series to other platforms.

Due to a restructuring that affected different sectors of Warner Bros. Discoverysince last year HBO Max has been cutting its investment in series made in Europe. The reason? Have accounts close with a positive balance. This is influenced by the context in which these types of measures are produced: fierce competition between platforms, alongside a world that is going through a relevant economic crisis and a war that resonates on different scales.

This dynamic, within HBO Max, has a new episode. Yes, as if it were a series. The previous one, developed during 2022, implied that options such as Foodie Love, nothing new Y By H or by B. However, they will not be the only productions that will no longer take place on the platform. Some may not even see the light of day in it, even if they were HBO originals.

We see the case.

HBO Max, SkyShowtime, Comcast and Paramount: a particular alliance

The novelty regarding HBO Max in Europe is that it has decided to sell 21 local programs to SkyShowTime. This is a video platform in streaming managed by Comcast Y paramount in simultaneous. Within that package of acquired content, there are three series that were about to be released.

Total, it is estimated that SkyShowTime bought around 150 hours of programming and 168 chapters. An important volume for an offer that was reduced. In addition, it is material with the HBO seal. However, even if they are productions made by the aforementioned company, after the purchase they will be released within SkyShowTime as “original”.

Once these contents are presented in this space, they will disappear from HBO Max. The programs acquired by SkyShowTime are the following:

  • ID
  • Winner
  • Warszawianka
  • Lust
  • Kamikaze
  • beartown
  • beforeigners
  • The Informant
  • Czech It Out!
  • hackerville
  • no activity
  • One True Singer
  • pray
  • obey
  • kill
  • Ruxx
  • Success
  • everything else
  • The Sleepers
  • tuffmoney
  • Welcome to Utmark

What is Warner Bros. Discovery looking for with this measure?

In a statement published by SkyShowTime, Monty Sarhan described the platform as: “a streaming service created specifically for Europe”. Based on this, the statement states:

“Local programming is an important part of our strategy. We are pleased to be home to these new series, as well as popular shows that resonated with audiences in the Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Spain.”

Although the total amount of the sale was not disclosed, it is known that Warner Bros. Discovery is interested in saving $3.5 billionaccording to The Verge. This explains the cessation of the production of the aforementioned content, as well as its subsequent sale. HBO Max served to integrate, in a single place, other spaces such as HBO Go and HBO Nordic.

It is estimated that this will not be the only change that HBO Max will undergo in the coming months. The goal, during 2023, is to completely replace it and found a new service. Meanwhile, in Europe and Latin America it continues to be a relevant option due to its content offer, supported by several of the best productions in history.

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HBO Max throws in the towel and sells 21 European series to other platforms

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