Hugh Jackman reveals his rigorous training for Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman has spoken about the rigorous training and diet program he is following to become Wolverine in Deadpool 3

The return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 it was one of the most exciting news we fans received in 2022since for a long time it was believed that the actor had officially hung up his claws after the premiere of Logan 2017 directed by James Mangold.

With fans of the character and the actor eager for more information on the upcoming sequel starring Ryan Reynolds, both the Deadpool star and Hugh Jackman haven’t shy away from talking about how the two characters will team up on the big screen. this week in Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? on CNN, the host sat down with Jackman to discuss the Australian actor’s career on the Broadway stage and on the big screen, including why he returns to the character that made him famous and the process it takes to put on fit to once again become the popular mutant for the Merc with a Mouth 3quel under the Marvel Studios umbrella.

Wallace questioned why Jackman would return to the character for the tenth time after saying Logan would be his last appearance as the character, especially with how that movie’s storyline left Wolverine dead and gone. Before responding, Jackman humorously stated that Deadpool 3 looks more like a “Wolverine 10” in his home before going into the details of why he decided to return, noting several times that he had rejected the idea of ​​returning. In the end, it was a conversation with his wife and the idea of ​​putting the most popular and enduring rivalries in comics on the screen.

“This story predates ‘Logan,’ which is exactly as you said, where Logan died. So we are before that in the story. And honestly, Chris, I really thought it was over. Like I’m at peace with that, okay. I get asked every day, whether it’s in interviews or Ryan Reynolds calling me ‘can we do it again’, I say no, I’m done.

Someone told me, I think… I think it was Deb, I think it was my wife. She said, ‘you know, after this, what do you really want to do?’ And I was driving down a day later. And she came to me like this. Because when I keep thinking about myself and Ryan, about Deadpool and Wolverine, who are classic comic book rivals, there’s also a dynamic that I’ve never had to do before as Wolverine. It keeps reminding me, remember that great Nick Nolte movie, Eddie Murphy? ’48 hours’. Do you remember that one? Reminds me of that, those two characters, you know, the jokester-type fast mouse and the grizzled old guy kind of tough, you know, biting sour, you know, they personify me and I thought this was going to be funny, which I’ve never done. before. And I can’t wait.”

Wallace also asked about the process involved in training for a movie like this and how Jackman will get in shape to play Wolverine again:

“I’ve learned that you can’t rush. I have learned that it takes time. So we have six months from when I finish to when I start shooting. And I’m not doing any other work. I will be with my family and train. That will be my job for six months. And I’m really fit right now. There’s one thing about eight shows a week singing and dancing on Broadway is that I’m in shape. So I’m healthy. I have a good place to start. And excuse chickens. Run a mile. Start running now because I’m coming for you.”

Deadpool 3, will be directed by Shawn Levy (Free Guy), and will hit theaters on November 8, 2024. Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? It can be seen in Spain through Movistar +.

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Hugh Jackman reveals his rigorous training for Deadpool 3

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