“I’m going to have to do those sequels”: James Cameron confirms that ‘Avatar 2’ has given benefits

shortly before Avatar: The Sense of Water It will hit theaters in December. James Cameron he said it had to be one of the highest-grossing movies in history to make a profit. The sequel to Avatar came 13 years after the original in 2009 (still today the highest-grossing film of all time, currently with 2,922 million dollars in the absence of more reruns to come) and had cost a few 400 million that marketing raised to 600so that it faced a somewhat delicate situation in theaters that have lost momentum since the first decade of the 2000s. The media then reported that avatar 2 it needed to make 2 billion to be profitable, and that the following sequels that Cameron wants to make from it were justified.

How has the matter gone? Well quite good: the sense of water just passed the 1,500 millions, which implies that it leads Top Gun: Maverick (with 1.49 billion dollars) as the highest grossing film released in 2022. The 2,000 million is still far away, but it is not at all impossible, and Cameron has already decided that it is enough: the sense of water It has given benefits, so it is time to confirm the sequels that it plans. This has been stated in the latest episode of Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?: “Just with the momentum the movie has right now it will easily pass our breakeven point in the next few days, so it seems like I can’t just walk away from this, I’m going to have to do these other sequels.”says Cameron with a reluctance that no one believes.

avatar 2 It has achieved it in less than a month, restoring vigor to the box office that we thought was lost. “I already know what I will do for the next six or seven years”, continues Cameron, who after the sense of water provides for the premiere of up to three new sequels. “I’m sure we’ll be talking to Disney senior officials soon about the plan to avatar 3, which is already underway: we’ve already shot the entire movie, so we’re in the extended post-production phase to do all the CGI magic. Y avatar 4 Y 5 they are already written. We even have part of the 4 recorded. We have started a franchise at this point. We have started a saga that can now be developed into several films”.

Cameron has indeed been very vocal about the ambitious plans for the future of Avatareven setting release dates between provisional titles. avatar 3 (preventively known as The Seed Bearer) will arrive on December 20, 2024, avatar 4 (either The Tulkun Rider) the December 18, 2026and finally avatar 5 (either The Quest for Eywa) the December 22, 2028. The director, moreover, has already been asked about those 2,000 million that he is supposed to need to guarantee the sequel, and that avatar 2 has not yet reached. “I never gave a number”Cameron is quick to reply.

“I said it had to be one of the highest-grossing movies ever, and someone put a finger on that number. In reality the number is less.. Either way, avatar 3 It is going to be a reality, and Cameron has already advanced about this film that he will present a new tribe of Na’vi: this time, contrary to the Metkayina of the sense of waterthey will be evil, and they will be linked to the fire, receiving the name of ‘People of the Ashes’. Now there is no stopping Cameron.

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“I’m going to have to do those sequels”: James Cameron confirms that ‘Avatar 2’ has given benefits

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