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Still in the middle of the commotion it caused harry and meghan, where the relationship between the Dukes of Sussex is portrayed in a very intimate way, especially after their distance from the British royal family, the question remains as to how to continue delving into this type of story. The thing is, For fans of this type of production, there is a long list of series, films and documentaries… but where to start?

There are not a few fans of the intricacies that occurred within the most important families in the world. Above all, keeping in mind the mantra that ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. In these stories, this phrase tends to make a lot of sense.: it is no coincidence that what is shown by the Dukes of Sussex has generated so many controversies both inside and outside the British crown.

Even for those who are new to this world, the fact that harry and meghan finished leaves a significant disappointment. For that reason, since Critical Voices We present the best series, movies and documentaries that delve into the stories of the different royal families.

The Crown (Netflix)

This fictional series tries to recreate the life of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Over five seasons, this production covers the endless personal intrigues, romances and political rivalries of the late monarch. It begins, in its first part, from the ’40s and ends in 1997, when the yacht HMY Britannia was decommissioned by decision of the queen.

In between, it covers almost all the great events that marked the life of Elizabeth II: her wedding, her relationship with Winston Churchill, the Suez crisis, the Profumo case scandal, the relationship with Margaret Thatcher and the difficult plot around the Lady Di’s death

Royal Night (Filmin)

This film, released in 2015, is one of the few productions that focus on Queen Elizabeth II in her youth, before having to face the pressures of the monarchy. Absolutely fictional, it is framed in 1945, with the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II. The princess, a teenager, together with her sister, Margarita, decides to escape from the palace to spend a wild night in London.

Spencer (Amazon Prime Video)

This biographical film released in 2021 was directed by the Chilean Pablo Larraín. In it, focused from fiction, the conflict between Diana and Carlos, princes of Wales, is recounted. Set in 1991, it portrays the British royal family at the Sandringham mansion, where they would spend Christmas. There, the strong tensions in the couple due to the prince’s infidelities ended up marking a before and after.

The Virgin Queen (Amazon Prime Video)

It is a historical series, released in 2005, focused on Queen Elizabeth, who had one of the most conflictive reigns in history during the 16th century. Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn -who was executed by order of her own husband-, the queen had to live her entire life under various prejudices. However, her compassion and her radical decisions ended up valuing her as one of the most beloved monarchs by her subjects.

The Last Czars (Netflix)

This series released in 2016 recounts one of the darkest parts of Western history: the fall of the Romanovs, the dynasty that ruled Russia for centuries. Composed of six chapters of about 45 minutes, it focuses on how the last of the Russian Empire remained oblivious to what was happening in the town, touching on truly intriguing topics such as the relationship of royalty with Rasputin. In addition, it tries to explain how royal actions helped the Russian Revolution of 1917 to end the monarchy in the European country. Mixing reality with fiction, it is a truly captivating production.

The Royal House of Windsor (Netflix)

This miniseries released in 2017 tells the story of the family that is currently in charge of the Crown in the United Kingdom. In a documentary way, it portrays the various family events that marked the history of the Windsors.

Elizabeth (Netflix)

Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, reigned after her sister, Mary Tudor. Known as ‘the virgin queen’, as she never married, there was much speculation about the monarch’s love life. This multi-award-winning film released in 1998 focuses on all these rumors that surrounded the controversial life of one of the most peculiar regents that the United Kingdom had.

Versailles (Netflix)

This series released in 2015 focuses on King Louis XIV of France, who was the one who decided to move the court to the Palace of Versailles. In addition, it covers all the controversies that occurred in his reign: from causing bankruptcy to the country to the endless conflicts in which he had to face his own nobles.

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In addition to Harry & Meghan: the best series, movies and documentaries inspired by the royal family | Critical Voices – Salta – Argentina

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