Is ‘The Academy Murders’ based on a true story?

This is the true story behind ‘The Academy Murders’ (The Pale Blue Eye), starring Christian Bale and Gillian Anderson.

The life of Edgar Allan Poe it is full of mysteries. Sufficient so that, more than 170 years after its strange –and still not clarified– death, the American writer continues to inspire research and stories around his figure. The movie ‘The Pale Blue Eye‘, inspired by a Little known episode of the biography of the author of ‘The Raven’, is proof of it. But how real is the story presented in ‘The Academy Murders’?

About its premiere in Netflixwe dissect the anecdote posed by the film starring Christian bale, Harry Melling Y gillian andersonalong with delving into the life of one of the great masters of mystery.

What is ‘The Academy Murders’ about?

Directed by Scott Cooper, ‘The Academy Crimes‘ continues the investigation that unleashes the appearance of the corpse of a heartless young cadet.

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To prevent the discovery damage the reputation of West Point Military Academythe directors of the school request the services of Augustus Landor (Christian Bale), a skilled inspector of the area. Despite his well-known caution and fame for getting answers, the veteran investigator is held back by the silence of the cadets and the not-so-innocent society of 1830.

Frustrated, Landon recruits one of the students to continue his investigation: a young man with military training and a penchant for poetry. A man whom everyone would later know as the romantic author Edgar Allan Poe.

Is ‘The Academy Murders’ based on a true story?

‘The Academy Murders’ is not based on a true story. In fact, the film is an adaptation of the novel namesake written by Louis Bayard and published in 2003. However, that does not mean that there are no biographically true elements in the project.

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Before becoming one of the most renowned writers of his time, Edgar Allan Poe enlisted in the army and was part of the cadet group at West Point Academy. Although there is no record of his participation in the investigation of any murder, certain experts in Poe’s work detail that his years of service could have been key in his formation as a writer.


A similar idea holds the director of the film. “Of course, this is a work of fiction. what i say is that these events that occur in our film shaped his worldview and helped make him the writer he becamewith recurring themes dealing with the issues of death, the effects of decay, the revival of the dead, and mourning; all those things that are considered part of his dark romanticism”, said Cooper to Tudum.

Edgar Allan Poe; the lying soldier

It should be noted that Edgar Allan Poe saw the army as a vehicle to survive and sustain his art.. In May 1827, the 18-year-old Boston native lied about his age and name – claiming to be 22-year-old Edgar A. Perry – to enlist as a private. In that same year, while serving at Fort Independence, he published his first collection of poetry.

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After trying to shorten his mandatory stay in the military by nearly three years, Poe revealed his real name and age to one of his superiors.. He supported the young man and proposed to forgive his fault if he reconciled with his stepfather, John Allan. The union was achieved until 1830, when the man helped Edgar graduate with the condition that he attend West Point Academy.

Is The Academy Murders based on a true story?
Unknown author; restoration by Yann Forget and Adam Cuerden, via Wikimedia Commons

In the summer of 1830, Edgar Allan Poe enrolled as a cadet in the well-known school. Unfortunately, his military career could not prosper due to the discipline he was subjected to. In February of the following year, the young man was accused of serious abandonment of service and disobedience to ordersby refusing to attend his classes. A court-martial expelled him after Poe pleaded not guilty to any wrongdoing. From that moment he decided to dedicate himself completely to writing.

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Is ‘The Academy Murders’ based on a true story?

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