It lasts less than two hours but this Netflix movie will leave you with trauma for life

What is our fixation as Latin Americans to make truly heartbreaking and captivating films? Could it be that we reflect on the screen the reality that afflicts us? Well, those questions are for another note, because what we are going to do here is tell you everything about The Kings of the worlda film which has just been released in Netflix and it is moving the whole world.

The Kings of the world is a film Colombian film of 2022 directed by the young Colombian director Laura Mora Ortega. It lasts one hour and forty minutes and belongs to the drama genre. The cast is made up of young people with no previous acting experience, who are: Carlos Andrés Castañeda, Davison Florez, Brahian Acevedo, Cristian Campaña and Cristian David Duque.

This film It is recommended for those people who have liked other films in which marginalization, oblivion and the dangers of a society are explored, such as the City of God, or even those people who like “road movies” (films de viajes) atypical, such as Güeros by the Mexican Alonso Ruizpalacios.


what is the film The Kings of the world in Netflix?

This film tells the story of five friends who have been orphaned on the harsh streets of Medellín, one of the most important cities in Colombia. This orphanhood, this lack of family and lack of institutions that can take care of young people without families, pushes them to form their own family among themselves. The protagonists are Ra, Culebro, Sere, Winny and Nano, whose ages range from 19 to 13 years.

They feel themselves like kings without any kind of kingdom, as they try to survive on the streets relying on their loyalty and self-care, but evidently, things are very hard. Everything changes when Ra, the largest of the group, receives a letter in which he is notified about the restitution of a piece of land that was taken from his grandmother by the paramilitaries many years ago, which is located in the Baja Cauca region. , quite far from the Medellín they know.

In this way, Ra and his friends begin a journey to Baja Cauca, to claim what belongs to them, but, obviously, their path will be full of problems and difficulties that could put their lives in danger.

why see the film The Kings of the world in Netflix?

This film It is a very interesting proposal and it is appreciated that Netflix give the opportunity to films that are out of the ordinary. The inexperienced actors give us quite believable performances and this style is reminiscent of Oscar winner Chloé Zhao, who in her early work used non-actors just like her.

The story transports us to a marginalized and dangerous Colombia, which is why it reminds us of Ya no estoy aquí (also in Netflix), except that the latter speaks of a Mexico devastated by crime, but they share a theme, since the protagonists of both films They find themselves in an identity crisis and immersed in a social crisis.

And also, as we mentioned in the introduction, the journey they take in The Kings of the world He gives us a beautiful portrait, first of the urban panorama and later of the highway, the roads and the regions that the protagonists are exploring. In fact, these aspects are quite reminiscent of the film from 2018, which is also Colombian, Pájaros de verano, and which is also very good.

Really The Kings of the world is a film quite recommended in Netflix and, although it shows heartbreaking scenarios and situations, it also gives the viewer quite gratifying moments. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks for more recommendations of films and series in Netflix.

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It lasts less than two hours but this Netflix movie will leave you with trauma for life

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