James Cameron, without mincing words: the biggest outbursts in public from the director of ‘Avatar’

James Cameron He is not afraid to speak his mind. Director of Avatar, Avatar: The Sense of Water Y titanic He is not only responsible for having broken the global box office on several occasions, but also for not a few more or less controversial statements, more or less embarrassing, which have always ended with only one demand on the part of those offended: the boycott.

The promotion of Avatar: The Sense of Water It hasn’t been spared its share of controversy, though, to the relief of the publicists coordinating the film’s campaign, it appears that the public is not too aware of Cameron’s outbursts and they have barely had an impact on the film’s box office.

The film’s revenue, in fact, has been the subject of his latest blunder. A few weeks ago Cameron stated in the magazine G.Q. that Avatar: The Sense of Water it was an expensive production “of cojones” and “the worst business in the history of cinema”, because according to estimates he had to do in just four weeks more than what was collected by The awakening of the force to be profitable.

Cameron has admitted his miscalculation, correcting those controversial statements by now stating that instead of the more than two billion dollars that film made, it has to overcome the barrier of one thousand five hundred million; something that seems quite feasible given the box office that accumulates, about one thousand four hundred million dollars.

Be that as it may, we have tried to collect some of your most striking statements in order to compose a short anthology in Spanish updated on the art of the unfortunate controversy according to Cameron.

On Neytiri’s female heroism in ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’

“Everyone is always talking about female empowerment. But what important part of a woman’s life do we, as men, not get to ask? I thought, well, if you’re really going to go to the bottom of the female empowerment rabbit hole, let’s have a six-month-pregnant warrior go into battle.’” (Font: Variety, December 2022).

On the digital effects of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’

Thanos? Come now. you have seen Avatar 2. It’s not even close.” (Font: ComicBook, December 2022).

About the ‘Stranger Things’ effect

“I’m lovin ‘it Stranger Things, but there is an ‘effect Stranger Things’ in which they are supposed to still be in high school, and appear to be 27 years old. Jack Champion grew like a tree when we were working with him. We shot with Jack when he was 14 and 15, almost to 16. So [en las películas de Avatar] we see it over a period of 18 months.” (Source: Entertainment Weekly, December 2022).

On the environmental message of ‘Avatar’

“At this point I am less interested in making money for the film and more interested in saving the world that my children will inhabit. How about? Look, I didn’t make this movie with these strong anti-war environmental themes to make friends on the right, you know.” (Font: The New York Times, March 24, 2010).

On picking up a Golden Globe with the urge to go to the bathroom

“I’m going to try to be as brief as possible because, frankly, I have to pee really hard.”

About the design of Neytiri

“From the beginning I said that I had to have boobs.” (Font: Playboy, November 2009).

On Matt Damon turning down ‘Avatar’

I don’t need a star for this. If you say no, I’m going to take a nobody and give him the part, because the movie doesn’t need you.” (Font: CinemaBlend, October 2019).

“[Matt Damon] He is martyring himself for that. And really, I think, you know, ‘Matt, you’re like one of the biggest movie stars in the world, get over it!’ Actually, I had to do another Bourne movie that was on his schedule and there was nothing we could do about it. He had to reject it with much regret.” (Font: CinemaBlend, December 2022).

On Native American history and ‘Avatar’

“I felt like I had traveled 130 years back in time to see what the Lakota might have said at the time they were driven out and killed, when they were resettled and received some kind of compensation in return. That was the force that prompted me to write Avatar. I couldn’t help but think that if they had been able to see into the future and had seen their children with the highest suicide rates in the nation…because they had no more hope and they were a dead end society, they would have fought so much more.” (Font: The Guardian, April 18, 2010)

On ‘Titanic’ and money

“I made titanic because I wanted to dive the wreck, not because I particularly wanted to make the movie… I said, I’ll make a Hollywood movie to pay for an expedition… Titanic was about fucking money.” (Font: Playboy, November 2009).

On being the king of the world

“I’m the king of the world… yuhuuuuuuu!” When picking up the award for best director for titanic at the 1998 Oscars.

About the board that could have saved Jack in ‘Titanic’

“Wait, I’m going to call William Shakespeare and ask him why Romeo and Juliet had to die!” (Font: The Guardian, August 24, 2017).

On the drug inspiration for ‘Terminator 2’

“I remember sitting there once, high on ecstasy, writing notes for Terminator. The Sting song came to me, that thing about “I hope the Russians love their children too”, And I thought, ‘You know what? The idea of ​​nuclear war is so unsightly compared to life itself.’ That’s where the kid came from.” (Font: The Ringer, July 2021).

About “Wonder Woman”

“Wonder Woman” it’s male Hollywood doing the same old thing” due to the fact that, according to him, Wonder Woman is “an objectified icon. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but the movie, for me, is a step backwards.” (Source : The Guardian, August 24, 2017).

About superhero movies

“When I see all these big, spectacular movies, I mean Marvel and DC, no matter how old their characters are, they all act like they’re in high school.” (Font: The New York Times, October 2022).

about women

“A major recalibration occurs when [los hombres se ven] forced to deal with real women. Let’s face it: real women are complicated.” (Source: Playboy, November 2009).

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James Cameron, without mincing words: the biggest outbursts in public from the director of ‘Avatar’

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