Lacey Chabert Discusses More ‘Wedding Veil’ Movies And Hints At Her Expanding Future With Hallmark Channel

For nearly 13 years now, Lacey Chabert has lit up the screen as a beloved starring presence at Hallmark Channel. Most recently, following the success of her The Wedding Veil movie trilogy last year alongside Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser, these three Hallmark leading ladies are back to share even more stories as best friends Avery, Tracy and Emma with a brand new trilogy, starting with The Wedding Veil Expectations premiering January 7 on Hallmark Channel.

As both the star and a producer on her movie projects at Hallmark today, Chabert has built quite the large and loyal fan following over the past decade, from her memorable Christmas tales to her romance, mystery and comedy storytelling. I recently sat down with Chabert and began our conversation by asking why she believes The Wedding Veil movies have struck such a chord with audiences over the past year.

“Because I think they’re so relatable,” says Chabert. “I think that’s something that Hallmark is doing a really great job of is telling stories from different perspectives – best friends, siblings – and in The Wedding Veil, we get to explore the best friends. It’s not just about the romantic relationship, which is front and center, but it’s really about the friends. How do these friends travel through life together? What do they mean to each other and how are they there for each other? The thing that I’m most excited about is that we finally get to see what happens after these movies end. Usually they end with that first kiss, the characters are falling in love or in this case, it ended with them getting married and then there was their happy ending. I feel like the audience always goes ‘What happened after that? I want to see them in the relationship. Do they have a family? What happens in their lives?’ In these movies, we get to explore that and also how being married affects everything. Not just the relationship, but how does it affect the friendships? We get to meet these women and these friendships in a deeper way.”

Chabert, Sweeney and Reeser have each made their own success in their standalone Hallmark movies over recent years, yet their collaboration together in these The Wedding Veil trilogies has proven the power of this on-screen trio. So, I wondered how it has been for Chabert to continue to get to work beside her co-stars.

Chabert responds, “You know what, Jeff? Much of what you see on-screen is very much what’s happening in real-life. It’s funny – I think that Ali, Autumn and I are very different and yet very much the same, in different ways. We have a lot in common and yet, we also are different and really complement each other. I’ve gotten to get to know them in a deeper way and I’ve enjoyed that so much. We’re all moms, we’ve all been with Hallmark Channel for a really long time, so we all understand what’s it like to be ‘that girl’ in these movies, you know? We’ve gotten to share so many stories and really support each other. I have felt so supported and loved by both of them. Getting to spend time together and have these adventures, not only filming on-location in Canada, but this time around, we went to Greece and Bulgaria. Last time, we were in Bulgaria and Italy, and getting to share a real adventure together has been really special. It’s not something that happens everyday.”

Back in February 2022, Chabert signed a two-year, multi-picture overall deal with Hallmark Channel. Being a year into this latest agreement, I asked Chabert what stories she is finding herself most interested in telling over this next year, both while working in front of the camera and producing behind-the-scenes, as well.

“First, I just want to speak to how thankful I am that Hallmark has given me the opportunity to have a larger voice in the creative process, and to be a producer and be a part of development and bringing these stories to life,” Chabert continues. “It’s just so gratifying and I am so proud of all the work that we’ve had the chance to do together, and I’m so excited about all that we have in development this year. I can’t tell you everything just yet, which I know is frustrating (laughs), but we are going to possibly re-visit some characters that I’ve enjoyed playing in the past and possibly see some stories continue.”

Chabert adds, “Look, I don’t take it lightly – I’ve done 35 movies now for Hallmark and I really consider it my mission to make each one better than the last. I feel really grateful that people choose to sit down in their living rooms for two hours and give us two hours of their time, so it’s my job to make the best movie I possibly can and hopefully create a character they see themselves in.”

Beyond these The Wedding Veil films, Chabert has her sights set on her future at Hallmark Channel and bringing new projects to her loyal fanbase in an even greater variety of formats.

Chabert reveals, “There’s a lot of other stuff at Hallmark that we’re looking to do. I have an idea for a reality show that I hope we will see come to fruition very soon. I’d also really love to do a television series. I haven’t been on a weekly television show since Party of Five (1994-2000), which was a very long time ago. I love the experience of living with a character for an entire season and really getting to explore their arc. That’s something I really hope to do with Hallmark soon.”

When I asked Chabert if this reality show idea she has would be with her on-camera or in more of a producing capacity, she tells me both. With other cable networks and video streaming giants like Great American Family, Lifetime and Netflix putting out more and more family-friendly content lately, I wondered what it is about Hallmark Channel that keeps Chabert continuing to call it her happy home.

“I think that Hallmark makes a feel-good movie better than anyone,” says Chabert. “I find joy in making them and the experience on-set. We were just at ‘Christmas Con’ and I can’t tell you the number of stories of people that came up to me and said what the movies mean to them. One woman said it was the tradition with her husband and they watched the movies together. That was their tradition and he had just passed. People tell you their heartfelt stories and it really opened my eyes that the movies really mean something to people. Yes, we’re doing a job but it really has become something a little bit more than that. I think now more than ever, to be a part of something that puts a little goodness back into the world is a really good thing.”

Following Chabert’s breakout childhood role on the television drama Party of Five, many still remember her most for playing popular high school girl Gretchen Wieners alongside fellow Hollywood heavyweight actresses Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried in the timeless 2004 film Mean Girls. Knowing Chabert still has people come up to her daily with her iconic “fetch” catchphrase from the comedy penned by Tina Fey, I wondered if Chabert ever gets frustrated at all to still be recognized so much for a role she filmed two decades ago, especially after the hardworking and successful legacy she has created for herself over the past 13 years at Hallmark Channel.

“No, I don’t,” Chabert says. “When you make something, you do it hoping that it’s going to resonate with people. We did that movie, had a great time on-set everyday – I’m talking about Mean Girls – and laughed and had the best time. The movie felt good and it felt like it was going to be really good, but you never know how it’s going to be received. The fact that here we are nearly 20 years later and it’s just as loved as it is, I feel honored to be a part of it.”

If a growing list of acting and producing projects were not enough on Chabert’s plate already, she also recently created and launched her own Lacey Chabert Collection clothing line, available exclusively at HSN. As she continues to expand in her business ways today, I asked Chabert what joys has her clothing line brought to her that she perhaps does not get so much out of her ongoing Hallmark responsibilities alone.

Chabert responds, “Oh my goodness, I have enjoyed creating this line of loungewear so much. It’s a longtime dream of mine that has come true. When HSN came around and I had this opportunity to partner with them, it just felt right because I’ve been a customer of HSN for a really long time. I enjoy the experience of shopping on their website, shopping through their live shows and I liked the thought that I would get the chance to talk directly to the customer on TV. I just love to be creative. It’s really been exciting to me to be an entrepreneur and to try something different and wear a different hat and to be able to put this out into the world.”

Being an entrepreneur now in 2023, I was curious what Chabert would say has been the greatest lesson she has learned over the years, that sticks with her as she moves forward today with a mindset that feels stronger because of it.

“Oh wow, what a good question,” says Chabert. “I think I’ve really learned to never give up and it’s something that I’m trying to instill in my daughter. She’s in kindergarten now, she’s six years old. She’s the best! She’s the light of my life. I was telling her, even trying to work on her spelling test. Even in the small things, never give up. You have to be your biggest advocate. You have to be your own biggest cheerleader and if you’re lucky enough to have people surrounding you that will also be that for you, then you’re really blessed. I’ve learned in this business because this business is tough, and while I’ve had a very fortunate experience, I think, there have been some really hard days and there have been harder times. I think you have to be tenacious, you have to persevere and for me personally, my heart has to be in it.”

Back on September 30, Chabert celebrated her 40th birthday, an age she tells me she does not shy away from, but rather fully embraces. So, since recently starting a new decade in this next chapter of her life, I asked Chabert where she would say her priorities reside most right now.

Chabert says, “I’ve always believed that the best is yet to come and that’s such a positive outlook to have. I am so thankful for all of the experience that I’ve had, but I also really remain excited for all that I hope will still happen and dreams that I have that I am still working to bring to life. I look back at the last decade of my life and the thing I am most thankful for is my husband and my daughter. She inspires me everyday to be the best version of myself.”

As I began to conclude my latest conversation with Chabert, I left her with one final question – Between your The Wedding Veil movie fans, Hallmark Channel fans, HSN fans and more, what special message might you have for these people who continue to champion and admire the work you do and the joy you bring to their television screens?

Chabert responds, “I just want to say thank you. Like really, thank you for tuning in. Because you guys tuned in and showed up in such a big way for the original Wedding Veils, that’s the reason Hallmark is allowing us to continue this story. And because you continue to support me. I can’t explain how grateful I am for it and I just feel very appreciative and I feel the love & support.”

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Lacey Chabert Discusses More ‘Wedding Veil’ Movies And Hints At Her Expanding Future With Hallmark Channel

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