Lady Gaga celebrated her 2023 Oscar nomination without makeup and naturally

The singer Lady Gaga is once again the protagonist in the Oscar nominations and it is not for a film that she herself has starred in, as happened last time, but because she is the voice and one of the authors of the official song of one of the highest grossing films of all 2022 and who is also in the competition to win one of the most coveted awards by the members of the Hollywood industry.

The American singer of hits like Bad Romance Y Born This Way She is already a close friend of the Oscars, since since 2015 she earned her place in said award when she dazzled the whole world with the unparalleled tribute she paid to the legendary Julie Andrews singing some of the songs from the mythical film. the novice rebelplayed by the long-lived 87-year-old actress.

Lady Gaga with her Oscar for Best Song for her single Shallow. Photo: Instagram @ladygaga. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @ladygaga.

From that moment, Hollywood began to see Gaga with different eyes, no longer as the histrionic and extravagant pop diva, but as the all-round artist that she is, being a soprano with the best voices in the industry, who is also a professional dancer and method actress, as he has demonstrated on several occasions with film projects that include luxury casts.

A year later, in 2016, Gaga would be back on the stage of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, but this time no longer recalling songs by other artists, but instead singing her own song. specially composed for the documentary The Hunting Groundcall Til It Happens to Youwhich he performed in a pristine white tailor while playing a grand piano of the same color that he soon found himself surrounded by a group of victims of sexual abuse, who took his hand to send a powerful message to those who have suffered from this evil, telling them “you are not alone” and “it is not your fault”. .

Said song was nominated in the Best Original Song category, however, it did not win the award. Even so, Gaga was able to set a huge precedent by telling Hollywood that she would be back there and stronger, a matter that he fulfilled in 2018 when he arrived at the gala, now not only nominated for this category for his song Shallowbut also as Best Actress for her leading role in the film A Star Is Born.

Gaga sings the original song from Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: Instagram @ladygaga.
Gaga sings the original song from Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: Instagram @ladygaga. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @ladygaga.

The film directed and also acted by the renowned Bradley Cooper, was also nominated, for which both he and Gaga were obligatory guests in said edition of the awards, where together they gave humanity one of the most sublime and magnificent presentations in the history of the awards, not only because the song is extremely emotional and was at the top of the world charts, but also because of the complicity with which the actors they interpreted it, awakening rumors about a possible love affair between them.

In the end, Gaga finally received her Oscar thanks to the fact that the song won in the musical category, an award that she received extremely excited before a long ovation from the audience. Secondly, the award for Best Actress went to the English Olivia Colman for her leading role in the film The favouritewhere she played Queen Anne of Great Britain. In the acceptance speech, the same British pointed to the singer at the end of her speech.

Now Gaga has a new opportunity to shine again on the stage of the Academy Awards, whose 95th edition will take place on March 12. There you can sing the song hold my handwhich is part of the film’s soundtrack Top Gun: Maverick, the latest version of one of the most important film projects in actor Tom Cruise’s career.

The actors met thanks to the film Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: Instagram @ladygaga.
The actors met thanks to the film Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: Instagram @ladygaga. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @ladygaga.

“Thank you so much to the Academy for nominating my song Hold My Hand for an Oscar this year! Writing this song for the movie Top Gun: Maverick was a profound and powerful experience that I will never forget. I am very grateful for the magic of music and cinema. I love you my co-writer @bloodpop I’m on set filming right now. Much love to the little monsters! 🃏”, Gaga wrote in her nomination acceptance post, where she showed herself natural, without a single drop of makeup, making it clear that she is one of the most beautiful women in the industry, that she never stops working and that she feels humble and grateful with each of the recognitions that come into her life.

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Lady Gaga celebrated her 2023 Oscar nomination without makeup and naturally

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