“Leonardo DiCaprio thought ‘Titanic’ was boring.” James Cameron explains how he convinced the actor not to get off the boat and leave the film at the last minute

Nobody imagines nowadays ‘Titanic’ without Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in front of the cast. was his own James Cameron who thought of them for the role and even had to face the fact that the studio did not want the actor for the role, but the truth is that the also protagonist of ‘The Revenant’ he almost did not make the film because he found it boring.

Why did DiCaprio want to leave?

Cameron has commented to People that when everything seemed to be going smoothly and Winslet had also been delighted with DiCaprio, the actor wanted to back down:”And then Leonardo decided he didn’t want to do the movie, so I had to convince him.“.

The main reason for not wanting to play Jack Dawson is that he didn’t see it as a challenge, and we’re talking about an actor who a few years earlier had already I had said no to a million-dollar offer from Disney to appear in ‘The return of the witches’ because he was more interested in doing ‘Who does Gilbert Grape love’, role for which he got the first Oscar nomination of his career. However, Cameron did not accept this sudden change of heart and explains how he prevented her from leaving ‘Titanic’:

I didn’t want to make a protagonist. I had to twist his arm to be in the movie. I didn’t want to do it. She thought she was boring. He only accepted the role when I convinced him that it really was a difficult challenge.

The funny thing is that later it was Cameron who was about to do without the actor when DiCaprio refused to do a camera test with Winslet to get a better idea of ​​what their chemistry would be like. The actor accepted when the director told him that he would not count on him if he did not do it and later he came asking for changes in the script, especially that his character had a problem or trauma. It was then that the explanation that the filmmaker gave him made everything come together.just as I remembered in G.Q.:

Titanic Filming Scene

I told him: “Look, you have made these great characters and they all have some problem, be it addictions or something else. You are going to have to learn to manage without having any of that. This is not ‘Ricardo III’. When you can do what they did James Stewart or Gregory Peck just standing there… They weren’t limping, they had some speech impediment or whatever. So you’re ready for that but I guess you’re not because what I’m talking about right now is something much more complicated. Those other things were easier, you had those tools or crutches. This is much more difficult and you’re probably not prepared.” Everything clicked in his head as soon as I said that, he understood that it was something difficult, a challenging movie for him.

And I realized my mistake, I hadn’t explained enough what a challenge it was. You want the actor to like you, you want him to be in your movie, you want him to say yes, so you make it all sound appealing. But he didn’t want something that was easy, he wanted something that was hard. And that’s been his instinct ever since.

‘Titanic’ is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary Y will be back in theaters soon Limited Time. Furthermore, Cameron has promised to release a piece that he will prove once and for all that jack had to die at the end of the movie.

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“Leonardo DiCaprio thought ‘Titanic’ was boring.” James Cameron explains how he convinced the actor not to get off the boat and leave the film at the last minute

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