Look at the new suit that Ezra Miller will wear in ‘The Flash’

As the DC Extended Universe continues its restructuring, the premiere of Flash It is just around the corner. The production, about which at some point there were doubts due to the personal problems of ezra miller (protagonist), will finally reach theaters. Regarding its launch, details about the costume that the character will wear are leaking.

The launch of Flash It will come in a rarefied context. At the end of last year, James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the creative direction of the franchise. This has involved a series of revisions and new narrative approaches on which there are some clues, but there are still no official certainties. Added to this are the personal problems that Ezra Miller went through in 2022.

The actor’s behavior led to Warner Bros. Discovery to evaluate at least three scenarios. Among them was the possibility of canceling Flash, while others made reference to a support and accompaniment plan for the interpreter and reduced media exposure. In any case, the production has continued and there are already some news regarding the suit that he will use in the role of Barry Allen.

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen suit
to Flash

As part of the promotional strategy for Flash, it is expected that a new trailer will be presented during the next Super Bowl in February. This launch, of course, is followed by another series of steps that little by little reach the audience in the form of promotions or related materials. One of them, for example, was a Bluetooth speaker. Although there are no images of this device yet, there is a new poster, shared by heroic hollywood.

Upon Flash there are almost as many theories as there are comic book fans. It is not clear what it will be the future of Ezra Miller within the DC Extended Universe. The production could serve to restart that franchise and give way to the plans James Gunn Y peter safran. Could new characters appear or bridges between stories? The feeling is that everything seems possible.

Changes in the DC Extended Universe

A formal announcement regarding the future of the DC Extended Universe is expected in the coming weeks. James Gunn and Peter Safran have already been working for a handful of months and can present a kind of roadmap for the next feature films. It must be taken into account that there have already been decisions on this, such as the cancellation of the second film of Superman, which would star henry cavill and the third film of Wonder Womanrepresented by gal gadot.

Instead, according to a recent leak, Phase 1 of the DC Extended Universe will have the following structure:

  • Superman: The Last Sonstipulated for the end of 2024.
  • Green Lantern: the ring of power, scheduled for summer 2025.
  • Teen Titans: Judas Contract, scheduled for a late 2025 release.
  • Night of Arrowscheduled for early 2026.
  • Justice League: Tower of Babel, scheduled for a late 2027 release.

It is likely that additional projects will be added to this structure, keeping in mind that some of the current narrative may be used to address the stories of other characters. In this sense, it is not ruled out that Flash serve as a bridge to one of these productions; especially the first two, inspired by the story of Superman and Green Lantern. Both characters are classics within the comics and, it is suspected, they will be relevant within the DC Extended Universe of the future.

Flash It will be released in theaters on June 16..

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Look at the new suit that Ezra Miller will wear in ‘The Flash’

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