Mariana Treviño opened up about her meeting with Tom Hanks while starring in ‘A Grumpy Neighbor’: “He didn’t know anything about me”

MARIANA TREVIÑO (A Man Call Otto/A Grumpy Neighbor)

Mariana Treviño established herself in Hollywood with her leading role alongside the actor Tom Hanks in the new movie A Man Called Otto/A Grumpy Neighbor, which was released in theaters on Friday, January 5. In an exclusive interview for infobaethe artist from Monterrey confessed exclusively how her first meeting with the award-winning actor was, how she made the decision not to be a mother and confessed what has been her “best moment of life” at 45 years of age.

The cinema, the small screen and the theater are the perfect media for this exquisite actress from Monterrey, Mexico, where she displays her knowledge of dance and literature in her performances in projects such as The Ravens Club, 100 Days to Fall in Love, among others. She is Mariana Trevino and today he arrives in Hollywood -and one of the highest turning points in his career thanks- to the leading role he plays in the film a grumpy neighbor (A Man Called Otto) with the famous American actor Tom Hanks.

The Mexican artist was born on November 21, 1977; she is currently 45 years old. (Photo Infobae)

Do you think your character ‘Marisol’ breaks with Latin American stereotypes and highlights Latino culture?

Yes, it’s good that you put it like that. It is what was attempted. An attempt was made to create this platform where identity is not only Mexican, but also brings that deep idiosyncrasy that all Latin Americans share. I think we share very nice things, ways of being that offer a lot of affection and love, and it is cool to give weight to that.

How nice what you say is noticeable, the Latin warmth, how apapachas To Tom Hanks…

Haha .. Yes, the truth is that he says: ‘Thank you!’. You can see it as very normal from your culture, but other cultures don’t, there are more protocols. It was very cool to act that and put it at the service of the story.

And your character ‘Marisol’ is a great mother, with children and very pregnant, but you have publicly declared that you are not interested in being a mother. It generates a contradiction for you to interpret a character like that or causes you to rethink what you think about your normal life.

Well, rather I think that I do not reconsider it because I have it quite clear. It is not because of a rejection, I love children, I have many nephews, I love them, I am the best aunt and I love them a lot, as they say marisol ‘don’t whistle’. Simply because I am in another moment in life. Because who knows, this is my internal design. But I love children and I have many characters of being a mother. So really there I fulfill it, there I live it…

For a while…

For a little while I understand him and I give him all the love that those roles require. Because the truth is that being a mother is quite an incredible event and I love that marisol that place of honor is being given to the mother who is about to give birth. You have to give a lot of credit to mothers.

His most successful projects include "crows club", "100 days to fall in love" Y "Man to water". (Photo Infobae)
Among his most successful projects are “Club de Cuervos”, “100 days to fall in love” and “Man overboard”. (Photo Infobae)

And another important issue is that many people at 40 say: ‘That’s it, I’ve dedicated myself to this, this is my life…’ and they are afraid of achieving their goals. Do you feel that you are in your best moment at your forties?

Yes, indeed. I feel that thanks to God I have been advancing internally to feel happy. To feel happy with my achievements, with the internal fulfillment that I have achieved from my characters, from my career, with my family, from my ties. So I feel pretty good, and grateful…


Yes, indeed.

What a pleasure to be able to say that…

Yes, because sometimes one can also idealize ‘fullness’ and want to achieve it when you realize that life is more about getting rid of obstacles, incessant learning. So, it’s not always what we think, but rather be open to resolve and enjoy whatever comes your way.

What do you think Tom Hanks thought when he found out he was starring in a movie with Mariana Treviño? What would he have thought? Did he google you?

Haha! Note that I think nothing, it was a leap faith (jump of faith). They chose me without knowing anything because when I met them the first time we went to a restaurant and Tom (Hanks) told me: ‘I don’t know anything about you, I don’t know anything. Only that your name is Mariana and that I loved your audition. You are the character. Let’s talk… what’s up? where do you live?’. So we started talking, he didn’t know anything… that was the impression he gave me.

She has been nominated for the Ariel Awards in categories such as "Best Female Performance", " Best actress" Y "Best Actress in Picture". (Photo Infobae)
She has been nominated for the Ariel Awards in categories such as “Best Female Performance”, “Best Actress” and “Best Actress in a Picture”. (Photo Infobae)

now if one google Tom Hanks raves about you…

Ahhh! I’m going to do it!

And finally, they say that in social networks the details speak of the unconscious of the people. After the movie premiered in New York, you decided to post two group photos and one with Tom Hanks and the kitten from the movie. Most of the actresses first post the details of their looks, the jewelry, the makeup… are you talking about you being like that? Did you do it consciously?

Yes, notice that I did it consciously. I understand the actresses who put their looks because we also have a lot of pressure and thanks because they lend us clothes and help us look amazing. You have to recognize the team and effort, they are very special nights. But it seemed important to me because of the importance of the premiere, and because we were all, to give place to the family that is this project. Because it was a loving project, it was a project where family was made. I feel very close to Tom, to Rita, to Marc Forster who is a genius and I feel blessed to have been able to work with him. Honoring the team and teamwork because that’s also what the movie is about.

“A grumpy neighbor” tells the story of ottothe main character of Tom Hanks, a man cranky with his neighbors who has just become a widower. The suburban neighborhood of Pittsburgh It is the scenario chosen to portray this story where the protagonist internally struggles with the mourning of his wife. Sonya, while externally he appears rigid and dry with the other residents of the area. When her neighbor across the street marisol (Mariana Treviño), begins to ask him for favors and shows affection and Latin warmth, Otto begins to open his heart and begins to be compassionate and kind.

The film is directed by Marc Forster and is based on the Swedish novel by fredrick backman. The premiere of ‘Un Vecino Gruñón/A Man Call Otto’ arrives this Friday, January 13 in the United States and Mexico.


  • Tom Hanks as Otto Anderson
  • Mariana Trevino as Marisol
  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Tommy
  • Rachel Keller as Sonya
  • Juanita Jennings as Anita
  • Peter Lawson Jones as Reuben
  • Cameron Britton as Jimmy
  • Mack Bayda as Malcolm
  • Kailey Hyman as Barb
  • Christiana Montoya as Luna
  • Alessandra Perez as Abbie
  • Mike Birbiglia as Agent

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Mariana Treviño opened up about her meeting with Tom Hanks while starring in ‘A Grumpy Neighbor’: “He didn’t know anything about me”

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