Megan, Chucky or Annabelle? Fans decide who would win in a bloody fight

Many viewers imagine the crossing of universes where the iconic Chucky, whose series you can see on Star Plus, faces these two sinister and terrifying dolls, although with different abilities and powers. Who will win?

Despite its small dimensions, one of the characters that has always been prepared to face anyone is the sinister chuckywhose two seasons added to The devil doll 2 Y The devil doll 3 (all available at star plus) confirm it. And in that sense, his creator Don Mancini is eager to put him in a bloody match against Freddy Krueger (created by Wes Craven) as he stated a couple of months ago.

As these ideas come to fruition, horror fans are imagining other crossover possibilities, where Chucky must fight other sinister dolls. The first that comes to mind is Annabellethe doll kept in the cabinets of the Museum of the Occult by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the franchise of The spell).

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In this first fight, some favor Chucky due to his skill in the use of weapons, his speed and quick body movements, his determination and security when attacking their victims. He even has the ability to procreate as shown, ironically and absurdly, in the opening sequence of Chucky’s sonwhich you can see in star plus.

But it would be naive to think that those qualities are enough to defeat a doll that, although stealthy, has powers of teleportation and telekinesis, as well as its capacity for regeneration and, above all, for possession that in some way make it immortal, as evidenced by Annabelle 2: Creation Y Annabelle 3: Coming Homeand serve as arguments for some followers of this creepy doll.

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We have a third contender. In M3GANa horror film directed by Gerard Johnstone, the character of Allison Williams (whom we met in the formidable Flees!which you can now enjoy in star plus) gives to his orphaned niece (Violet McGraw) a hyper-technological doll, excessively protective, somewhat manipulative, at times disobedient and, ultimately, homicidal.

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With this new proposal, which comes from the mind of James Wan (director of Saw: Macabre Game), we can say that the new generations already have their own Chucky or Annabelle. The fashionable toy is called M3GAN and it seems destined to conquer the new audiences who see in Artificial Intelligence a supreme power that could hardly be defeated. Allison Williams herself shares that “I would never bet against M3GAN. I always, always have to go with my girl. She has the world wide web in her being. She could win anything.”

M3GAN is currently in the theaters of Cinemex and Cinépolis, whose billboard is nourished this week with titles such as She said Y Agent Fortune: The Great Hoaxbut if you prefer to stay at home, you can enjoy the series The patientstarring Steve Carell Y Domhnall Gleesonor the movie sonic 2 with Jim Carreyboth in star plus.

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Megan, Chucky or Annabelle? Fans decide who would win in a bloody fight

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