Michael Jackson’s ‘biopic’ already has a protagonist: his nephew Jaafar

The film that will tell the life of michael jackson already has a protagonist: his nephew Jaafar Jackson will be in charge of embodying the king of pop in the biopic titled, simply, Michael, in which the production company Lionsgate already works, as confirmed by the film studio through a statement published on Monday, January 30. “I am humbly honored to bring the story of my Uncle Michael to life. To all his fans around the world, see you soon,” Jaafar Jackson, 26, wrote after the announcement. It has been the first photo that he publishes in your instagram account (for now, with 140,000 followers), in which he appears characterized as the interpreter of thriller Y Billy Jean. A publication that already accumulates more than 64,000 I like you.

Jaafar Jackson is one of eight children of Jermaine Jacksonbrother of the interpreter of beat it, who has also dedicated his life to music as a songwriter and producer, and of course was a member of the iconic Jackson Five group that launched the brothers to fame in the 1960s. “It’s wonderful to see him continue the Jackson legacy of artists and performers,” he said in the official statement. Katherine Jackson, Jaafar’s grandmother and mother of the King of Pop. A clear statement that the family supports this production on the life of Michael Jackson, who died at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009.

Like his uncle, Jaafar began his musical career at a very young age. At the age of 12 he already began to compose on the piano, of which they say he is a virtuoso. His debut on stage would be made with his father Jermaine and his brother Jermajesty in 2017, already 21 years old, in a Christmas performance on Dutch television. In 2019 he would publish his first single, titled Got Me Singinga preview of the album Famous that he is currently preparing and that does not yet have a release date. “You have worked so hard all your life to achieve greatness! I know that you will amaze the world with your incredible talent as you have always amazed us with your talent! I love you!” wrote Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, mother of Jaafar and wife of Jermaine, in your instagram profile next to the image of his son characterized as his uncle.

“I met Jaafar over two years ago and was blown away by the way he embodies Michael’s spirit and personality,” Graham King said in a statement. He is a co-producer of this film, as he already was of Bohemian Rhapsody (2018), the film that told the life of Freddie Mercury, singer of Queen, and for which Rami Malek won the Oscar for best actor. “He was something so powerful that even after searching the world, it was clear that he is the only person to take on this role. I am beyond delighted that he has come aboard the project to portray his uncle and I can’t wait for the world to see him on the big screen as Michael Jackson,” added King.

The filmmaker Antoine Fuqua will be in charge of directing Jaafar, who has recently been a producer of Bullet Train (2022), starring Brad Pitt. He is also director of Training Day (2001) coincides with King’s vision and explained in the same statement that the protagonist of his new project has a “natural ability” to emulate Michael and an “enormous chemistry in front of the camera.”

According to the film studio, the film will explore all aspects of Michael Jackson’s life, “including his most iconic performances that led him to become the greatest artist of all time.” The question is how the film, which has the financial support of the Jackson family, will address all the darker aspects of the life of the king of pop. The specter of child abuse accusations has hovered over the icon for decades before die of cardiac arrest. In 2005, Jackson was found not guilty of sexually abusing a child under the age of 13, a crime for which he was investigated more than 10 years earlier, in 1993, in a case that was settled out of court.

The start of filming will begin this 2023. An example that the icons of the past are in fashion for the film industry. The biopic about Elvis, directed by Baz Luhrmannhas garnered eight Oscar nominations, including best picture and best actor for the role of the American Austin Butler, who has already won a Golden Globe for best actor in a drama film. Ana de Armas, who embodies Marilyn Monroe in Blonde (2022)the film that tells the life of the actress, has also been nominated for best actress for the coveted statuette.

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Michael Jackson’s ‘biopic’ already has a protagonist: his nephew Jaafar

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