Netflix changes forever: goodbye to a key function to watch movies and series

Since the beginning of 2023, the authorities of Netflix They made various announcements that caused discomfort in millions of people around the world. On this occasion, the company watch films Y series announced a drastic change that will affect its subscribers and that has to do with account sharing.

In the last hours, and in order to recover from recover unique users after the harsh loss of 1 million subscribers in the second half of 2022the streaming service officialized the launch of the restrictions to share the password of the account of Netflix. What people usually hire the service and share the keys to be able to enjoy the various contentsthis action causes very important economic losses.

What are the restrictions for Netflix account sharing

As warned by the authorities Netflix in the statement, Users and subscribers must enter the platform confirming their Wi-Fi network to keep it linked to their account. Otherwise, it will be automatically blocked up. Therefore, the American company periodically review IP addresses of each client.

Netflix stops sharing accounts and passwords to watch series and movies.

When and where does the release of this new Netflix restriction take effect?

The official launch of this new restriction of Netflix will be between March and April 2023. For now, it will take place in the United Statesalthough in the coming months it will reach the rest of the countries of the world.

How to use Netflix if I travel or am away from home

According to what the authorities explain, Netflix has a solution to avoid problems and use the service if you travel or are away from home. “If you are traveling or if you live in more than one place, we want you to be able to enjoy Netflix where you want and when you want. If you’re the primary account holder (or if you live with it), you shouldn’t have to verify your device to see Netflixthey specified.

Likewise, from the platform they made it clear that “If you are away from Netflix home for an extended period of time, you may occasionally be prompted to verify your device”. “We ask you to do this verification to confirm that the device that is using the account is authorized to do so”they added.

Netflix has a wide catalog to watch series and movies.

How to verify a device on Netflix

  1. Netflix send a link to the email address or phone number associated with the primary account holder.

  2. The link opens a page that provides a 4-digit verification code.

  3. Must be enter the code on the device that requests it within 15 minutes. If the code has expired, you will need to request a new verification code from the device.

  4. Once the code has been entered successfully, the device can be used to view Netflix. Device verification may occur periodically.

The criticism of the networks against this new Netflix decision

How much is Netflix with advertising

The cost of Netflix with advertising It is 7 dollars and is named “Basic with Ads”. That is to say, it costs 3 dollars less than the lowest price of Netflix no ads.

How much advertising will subscribers see

Subscribers to the plan will see approximately four to five minutes of advertising per hour, he said. Netflix. A “limited number” of films Y TV shows will not be available on the ad-supported plan due to licensing restrictions, “in which we are working”he added.

The new ad-free Netflix prices for January 2023: how much each plan costs

Price in Argentine pesos

  • Essential: $699 a month.
  • Standard: $1,299 per month.
  • Premium: $1,899 per month.

According to the authorities of Netflix, “these prices apply to new members and will gradually come into effect for all current members”. Meanwhile, on their official site they added that “current members will receive an email notification 30 days before the price of their plan changes, unless they change plans”.

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Netflix changes forever: goodbye to a key function to watch movies and series

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