Oscar 2023: The reasons to see the film with the most award nominations

Everything Everywhere All at Once (‘Everything everywhere at the same time’) has become the theme of all moviegoers in the world. Not only for his eleven nominations for Oscar award this year, but because it becomes the strongest independent film released in 2022 and the best example that risky cinema, a bit insane and solid in its intentions, is capable of crushing any predictable drama or story to the size of a few film accolades, which seem to be changing.

But what is the reason for the brilliance of this mixture of science fiction, multiverses, drama and even martial arts. Here we tell you five reasons why you have to see this film (which has already gone through the movie theaters and possibly will be scheduled again given the panorama that accompanies it at this time). Is an exotic cinematic bite and amazing.

1. The power of the box office

Since its premiere, under the production company A24, creator of other contemporary classics such as ‘The sacrifice of the sacred deer’; ‘Midsommar’, ‘The devil’s legacy’, ‘In the 90’ ​​or ‘Minari’, Everything Everywhere All at Once proved she was ready to make a splash by reaching an impressive $104 million worldwide for a story that chronicled the struggles of a Chinese immigrant who discovers she can travel multiverses and experience other lifetimes while He fights with very dangerous enemies and tries to get a little closer to his family.

2. The performances are impressive

The leading role (Evelyn) was borne by michelle yeoh, Malaysian actress, muse of Jackie Chan; Bond girl in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and the deadly samurai warrior Yu Shu Lien in ‘The Tiger and the Dragon’. Here she achieves an impressive emotional journey with some of the most shocking action sequences ever made in cinema. She already won the Golden Globe for best actress (a good precedent before the Oscar), she was nominated for the Bafta in the same category, as well as the Critics Choice Awards. She has a very good chance of winning the Oscar.

Like Ke Huy Quan (remembered by The Goonies and Indiana Jones in the Lost Temple) recognized for his funny and profound role as Evelyn’s husband. He was nominated for the best supporting actor for the golden statuette; he was nominated for the Bafta and won the Golden Globe in the same category.

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Everything everywhere at the same time. Michelle Yeoh reveals her knowledge of martial arts and drama in this film.

3. The directors are from another world

Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, better known as The Daniels, reach their maximum visual and thematic expression, maintaining balance in a plot full of nuances, surreal moments, ultraviolence, and humor as fine as it is brutal. Their aesthetic is full of color and darkness and they are not afraid to explore any medium or make use of anything in their quest to tell a different story.

The Daniels directed the weird and funny Swiss Army Man about a castaway who befriends a zombie with a strange power due to his flatulence. In this insane plot arc, the directors manage to pay tribute to the friendship and great performances of Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe.

4. It has nothing to envy Marvel

The action is fast-paced from start to finish. Also, its visual effects are amazing and cheaper than any Marvel movie. The viewer feels on a journey between universes, parallel worlds and vital dimensions of an Evelyn who discovers that she has more powers than Doctor Strange. It should be noted that the team for those visual effects consisted of only nine people, including the directors. They were all friends who learned only from tutorials they found on the web for free.

Everything everywhere at the same time. Michelle Yeoh reveals her knowledge of martial arts and drama in this film.

5. His tender family message

After the action, the fights, the talks between a couple of stones and the abrupt time jumps, it is actually a film that talks about the life of a woman who is trying to deal with her frustrations, who fights for the love of her daughter and her husband and who manages to wake up from the lethargy of monotony to give another air to her existence. ‘Everything everywhere at the same time’ is about people and their deepest connections”, its directors once recalled.


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Oscar 2023: The reasons to see the film with the most award nominations

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