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While it’s a bit reckless to ignore the rages or ruses that ply the seas of the Internet, these rants, coming from certain sources, have hit the nail on the head and the baldheaded with a vengeful hammer when they come to fruition. So we’ll take this information as an ominous indicator and follow up on it: The project was first rumored to Star Wars of Damon Lindeloff (World War Z – 67%, Star Trek: Into Darkness – 86%, Prometheus – The Northman could be a huge box office flop73%) was in the works, wrote Richard Rushfield in The Ankler in March 2022.

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Rushfield stated:

Word on Buena Vista St. is that Damon Lindelof, the Emmy-winning creator of Watchman, lost Y The Leftoversis working on a movie Star Wars for Lucasfilm.

Lindelof’s quality prepared us an interesting project if true. To add more fuel, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) would announce the project was in the works in October 2022. aaron couchof this medium, stated that Lindelof was co-writing the script and that Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy I would be directing the movie. Borys Kitalso of THR, would provide more coverage of the film a day later, stating that the project had “been in the works for months.” Kit, who was emotional about the whole thing, also claimed that Lindelof was writing the script with justin britt gibson.

All the fans got excited. Especially those who equally liked the work of Lindelof and of Star Wars. So the journalist went on to reveal that the film is planned as a standalone film, but if successful, it could lead to sequels. Finally, he revealed that the film would take place after the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61% and could “introduce some of the characters from the Star Wars trilogy created in the 2010s.” Which perhaps would agitate the new generations of fans of this franchise.

At the end of 2022, World of Reels added to the frenzy and claimed that the movie Star Wars of Lindelof would go into production from April 2023. From there have followed a series of conflicting reports of jeff sneider in The Ankler about the race and gender of the main character. in the podcast The Hot MicSneider originally stated:

That’s how I heard the lead in Lindelof’s new movie, the Star Wars movie. Is Lindelof directing this movie? I dont know. So I heard that the protagonist will be a person of color and probably, although it is not confirmed, it is what I took from him, he is a man. I couldn’t get a name or anything like that.

However, in a now-deleted tweet (we already know that journalists now tend to regret their fictions), he stated that it would be a female lead instead of a male. As reported by Bespin BulletinSneider tweeted:

podcast update HOT MIC from yesterday. She had predicted that Brian Tyree Henry he would end up being the lead in a STAR WARS movie, and maybe he will, but for now, I’ve heard that the lead POC in Lindelof’s movie is actually a woman, not a man as I had originally thought. Any ideas?

Sneider explained the removal on Twitter writing:

The original source reached out to say that someone is fucking with me and it’s a guy, so who knows? I don’t care, it’s Friday night. AMA, that’s not about STAR WARS!

Tweet to justify deleting the previous nonsense.
Tweet to justify deleting the previous nonsense.

Despite all the reports, lucasfilm has not confirmed the movie and Kamran Pasha claims that the full movie is not happening. Which, considering the circumstances, excessive secrecy and that we do not find direct references anywhere official, is very possible.

Lee: Star Wars: new film would begin filming in 2023 and would have a woman of color as the protagonist

appeared on the channel Valliant Renegade, where he first detailed that he didn’t believe any of the reports because the film came out of nowhere and the film’s production and development usually take a significant amount of time to come together. He also claimed that Lindelof has a reputation for not completing his projects on time.

However, he then went on to reveal information he received from a source inside The Walt Disney Company which informed him:

Lindelof did not have clearance to announce that he had an upcoming film at Lucasfilm. [Kathleen Kennedy] she was forced to confirm, she did not announce it nor did her people… came from their camp.

Pasha went on to claim that Lindelof and his people might be trying to make the project a reality by advertising the film without permission. He explained:

It fits into the modus operandi that I have believed and affirmed and have heard from my sources it is true that the same was done with the master of this, Leslye Headland and The Acolyte, where he basically decided, you know, ‘I’m going to force his hand. I will move to make this show by announcing things without permission.’

His whistleblower colleague provided him with inside information: The corporation would claim that the project is not happening due to the current transition phase that The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm are in. He explained:

This is all a farce. We know that you are entering a time of transition. The transition is coming. None of this is real. We all know it’s not real. They are the ramblings of a study in disarray.

Pasha then suggested that Lindelof was using the mess to promote himself:

This gentleman has had his career. His lucky star has fallen in recent years. You don’t hear anything about him. And suddenly now, he’s the talk of the media. Because, again, the strategy is that this project isn’t real, but now his agent can call and say, ‘Look at what he’s doing and let’s assign him to this task.’ ‘Let’s put it up for this project.’ ‘You want to meet him again, right?’ It’s just a strategy.

Later in the video, Pasha talked about another scoop he received from an alleged insider who told him: “Kennedy asked Iger if, given Lindelof’s new movie, he could stay on to oversee it. Bob said no.”

While discussing this information, Pasha explained that it was a ploy for Kennedy to try to stay at Lucasfilm while they had something in development. He revealed that his source informed him that the Lindelof project is not real: “Apparently, the direct conversation that my source is aware of said that Bob Iger said, ‘Yeah, that’s not real. You and I both know that’s not real. So no'”.

Wow. It seems that Lindelof is playing with the dark side of the Media Force. Gentleman, he doesn’t need you. If he stays around, this will end in professional harakiri. waters.

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RUMOR: Damon Lindelof’s Star Wars movie won’t happen and is just a self-promotional farce | tomatoes

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