She is the actress who was Eugenio Derbez’s girlfriend when she was a minor

The life of the actor and comedian is not a secret to anyone Eugenio Derbezwho has achieved fame thanks to his great productions both in cinema and on television, however, he has also been in the eye of the hurricane for his notorious romances, one of the most remembered being his relationship with the actress Victoria Ruffobut apparently Eugenio had another Romance several years ago with a woman who was a minor, a topic that of course was not talked about much.

It should be remembered that Eugenio Derbez has four children, and they are all from a different mother; however, they have a very good relationship with the producer, and in fact the relationship between brothers is also just as good. Currently, Eugenio maintains a marital relationship with the singer alessandra rosaldobut now it has been revealed that he also had a relationship with a woman much younger than him.

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At the moment Eugenio is not going through a good stage in his personal life, because a few months ago he had a accident from which it will take several months to recover, for which his friends and family have wished him a speedy recovery; And of course, there are those who remember him with great affection, such as the actress Claudia Ivette.

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Who is Claudia Ivette? To enter into context, she is a actress of the 80’s who participated in several children’s programs, and recently in an interview he offered to a YouTube channel called “El canal de Ponchote”, he recalled the romance he had with Derbez when she was barely 17 years old and he was 27, by then the actor had already become a father; However, Claudia assures that Eugenio behaved like a true gentleman and never tried to “get smart”:

I was 17 years old, I was in “Los Gómez”, I joined at 15 and I was Eugenio Derbez’s girlfriend, he was 27 years old and I was 17.

The actress had her most outstanding role on the show “Chiquilladas” and he recalled that one of the first people to realize that they both had an affair was the actress Evita Muñoz “Chachita” who recommended that Ivette end the relationship due to the age difference between the two:

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It’s fine, you enjoy it but think about something, they are 10 years apart, he already has a daughter.

Claudia Ivette recalled that at that time she did not take the advice in the best way, but then she reflected and decided to end the relationship after seven months of courtship; However, she clarified that she never saw the age difference, as she assured that Eugenio behaved like a gentleman at all times during the relationship:

I enjoyed it a lot and in terms of romance I did very well, he even respected me nicely, he did teach me things but with a certain limit, he was a gentleman because he did not cross the line in any way.

For some time Claudia withdrew from the spotlight and made the decision to work as a dubbing actress, some participations that she has had are: “Knights of the Zodiac”, “The Smurfs” and “Dragon Ball Z”, and gave his voice to the character of “Cuddly Mouse” in the series “Bubble Odyssey”.

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She is the actress who was Eugenio Derbez’s girlfriend when she was a minor

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