Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, The Flash and more superheroes that will take 2023

Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and Aquaman are some of the superheroes that you will release movies during this 2023.

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As every year, in 2023 the theater billboard will once again be filled with superhero movies. The major Hollywood companies will continue to unleash their cinematographic universes, some of which have already spanned 15 years.

In the case of Marvel, the studio is preparing the arrival of Phase 5 of its saga with a good handful of movies and series. Among the most outstanding films are the third installments of Ant-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy or the second of Captain Marvel.

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Uncertainty for the future has reigned in DC for weeks due to the restructuring they are undergoing. Even so, it has some premieres that will mark the calendar in 2023. Something that also happens with the arachnid multiverse that Sony Pictures is developing.

These are the films of the genre that will hit theaters during 2023.

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”. Premiere: February 17

The first of the tapes that will land in theaters will be “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.”

On this occasion, Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne must travel to the quantum world and face Kang himself, the new great villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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“Shazam! The fury of the gods.” Premiere: March 17

The fun Shazam family, already consolidated after the first installment, will face new quasi-divine threats that will endanger the Earth.

The film will be the first DC premiere since the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran to the company’s presidency.

“Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 3″. Premiere: May 5

Star Lord and the rest of the galactic patrol will face one last space mission with which to close, this time forever, their adventures together.

A film that will serve as a final farewell to one of the most acclaimed titles in the Marvel Universe.

“Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse.” Premiere: June 16

The Oscar-winning “Spider-Man: A New Universe” finally premieres the first of its sequels. Miles Morales has grown up and has become the fully-fledged Spider-Man of his universe.

But a new multiversal journey will take him through hundreds of alternate realities where he will meet old acquaintances and new versions of Spidey.

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“The Flash”. Premiere: June 23

After countless delays and scandals starring its star, Ezra Miller, the scarlet sprinter movie hits theaters in 2023.

In the tape, Barry Allen will cross over parallel realities with a new version of himself, with an elderly Batman (Michael Keaton) and even with Supergirl. Barry’s mother will also be the Spanish Maribel Verdú.

“The Marvels”. Premiere: July 28

Captain Marvel, one of the most powerful superheroes in the UCM, will once again face the Kree.

This time, fortunately (or unfortunately), he will have the “help” of his biggest fan, the mutant Kamala Khan, better known as Ms. Marvel, and his distant niece, Captain Monica Rambeau.

“Blue Beetle”. Premiere: August 18

Despite debates about its possible viability and significance, “Blue Beetle” has managed to sneak into DC’s premieres in 2023. The story follows a young boy from Mexico who one day finds an alien beetle that gives him armor with incredible qualities .

Kraven The Hunter. Premiere: October 6

“Kraven the Hunter” is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic archenemies in the comics. In 2023 he will make his theatrical debut as part of the spider villain universe being created by Sony.

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Its protagonist will be Aaron Taylor-Johnson and rumors point to a possible first connection to the history of the net launcher.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” Premiere: December 25

The sequel to “Aquaman” will put an end to the superhero year.

DC will try to repeat the success of the first installment in which It could be the last DCU movie as it has been conceived so far.

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Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, The Flash and more superheroes that will take 2023

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