stained? 5 of the most controversial (and incorrect) episodes of ‘South Park’

If we think of any animated comedy series, which since its inception has been irreverent and has gotten into a lot of fights, it is likely that the first one that comes to mind is South Park. And of course, if after 25 seasons, more than 300 episodes, movies and specials, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and all the characters from this small town in Colorado, United States have gone through many surreal adventures that have been involved in the controversybecause let’s be honest, on many occasions they have gone a bit too far.

Through all these years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of the series) They have not left anyone safe, as they have made religions, celebrities and even some sectors of the population angry and speak out against this production Comedy Central for the way they are portrayed. However, despite getting into so much trouble, they still maintain that acid and harshly critical sense of humor to talk about American and world society.

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But despite the fact that we are fans of South Park and we are very fond of the animated series for so many laughs that it has gotten us for so long, for its characters and even for the intro of Primus (HERE We tell you how it was that Les Claypool and company ended up composing the song at the beginning) there are moments that flatly got out of hand. So it’s time to review those episodes that were flatly stained and that for some, are somewhat incorrect.

Trapped in the Closet

Let’s start with something “light”. In 2005 and during its ninth season, South Park used this chapter to speak without mincing words about Scientology, a cult that began to attract people at that time. The story is somewhat simple, because here we see that Stan is recruited by a church of said belief because they think he is the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, its founder. That is why several famous Scientologists like John Travolta or Tom Cruise travel to the town to meet him, but after being disappointed because “his new Messiah” thinks he is not a great actor, Cruise locks himself in a closet.

Travolta and other celebrities talk with the actor from top gun to convince him to “come out” by hinting that Tom is gay. In a nutshell, summarize the history of Scientology and mock its beliefs (which this community didn’t like). It is rumored that Tom Cruise was so angry about this episode that he was on the verge of suspending the promotion of mission impossible 3 (since it was distributed by Paramount, a Comedy Central affiliate), but what did happen was that Isaac Hayes –who lent his voice to Chef– left the series after this chapter, as he was an avowed Scientologist… Here if they didn’t keep anything and managed to make many end up pissed off for messing with their religion.

The Death Camp of Tolerance

Throughout the vast majority of South Park, its creators have addressed homosexuality in their own way. However, in this episode, they went all-in. To give you an idea, here Mr. Garrison tries to get himself fired from school for being too gaybecause he finds out that in this way, I could sue them and win millions of dollars. That’s why he starts doing quite disturbing things, like sticking a live hamster out the back door (if you know what we mean) of his assistant Mr. Slave in front of all of his students.

Cartman, Kyle, Stan and company complain to their parents about what happened and after calling them bigots, they are taken to a museum to learn about the differences between people (which is full of racist and discriminatory stereotypes). However, seeing that this does not work, they decide send the children to a camp, which is more like a Nazi concentration camp where they force them to do crafts on tolerance and acceptance. It may not be as strong as many other chapters that came later, but it was one of the first signs that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were willing to show their ideas through controversial situations without caring about “what they say.”

The Last of the Meheecans

Of course Mexico has not been spared from the satire of South Park. There is an episode out there where former President Felipe Calderón appears, but this time we will talk about another chapter: The Last of the Meheecans. In this plot, Children play Texans at the border preventing Mexicans from crossing into the United States (they even dress up as each side). However, after they finished playing and Cartman was upset about losing, they realize that “a Mexican” is needed: neither more nor less than Butters.

Things get out of control, because butters (who is now known as Butter) is run over by a couple who mistakes him for a real Mexican immigrant, whom they decide to take home and hire him to do stereotypical tasks of our countrymen to the north, such as cleaning windows and washing dishes. But perhaps the densest of all is when Cartman teams up with the royal Border Patrol to stop the Mexas from breaching the wall.. Of course, this episode caused controversy, because due to the representation of Latino migration to the US in the series, Comedy Central decided not to air it on Latin America. What do you say? Did they get stained or not?

bloody mary

It even seems that in South Park they love it makes religions angry, especially Catholics and Christians. And that became clear to us with this episode, because in a neighboring town, they discover that a statue of the Virgin Mary begins to bleed from the rectum… yes, no joke. Since then, many people travel to this place to receive “the blessed blood” and thus be cured of their diseases or ills. The situation reaches such a point that They declare this a miracle and even the Pope goes to visit the figurebut when the Virgin splashes him in the face, the mere mere of the Church, he changes his mind.

And it is that we say that it seems that they like these sectors to get angry because in addition to the content and to show in this way the so-called miracles of Catholicism, premiered the chapter on the eve of the day of the Immaculate Conception, causing various Catholic organizations to ask that it be withdrawn and that those responsible for it be withdrawn (although only one of Comedy Central’s executives publicly apologized). In any case, this episode is still being broadcast and it is a sign that the creators are evenly caught.

Scott Tenorman Must Die

Last but not least, we close with an episode of South Park quite dark and that showed us that nobody would like to have Eric Cartman as an enemy. Here, a young man named Scott Tenorman scams Cartman by selling him pubic hair (because Eric did not know that these things were not bought). However, when asking Scott to return the money, he refused and from there they begin to fight to see who gets away with it. But We already know that the “strong” child never loses and on this occasion, he went to extremes.

To give you an idea of ​​how things were (in case you haven’t seen the episode), Cartman puts together an elaborate plan to kill Scott’s parents, which he ends up cooking in a chilli and feeding it to his enemy.. As if this weren’t enough, Eric also calls his favorite band, Radiohead, who tease him about seeing him cry over the death of his parents.. There is no doubt that this is one of the most stained and creepy moments of the entire series.

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stained? 5 of the most controversial (and incorrect) episodes of ‘South Park’

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