The 6 DC movies that are canon for James Gunn

Which DC movies are canon for James Gunn? Here are the 6 tapes of the old DCEU that are still valid for the future of the saga.

James Gunn, the renowned film director, is the current head of DC movies. Despite yesterday’s presentation, there are certain doubts about which projects from the past are going to remain valid and which will cease to be canon. With his experience in the superhero genre and his unique style of storytelling, Gunn hopes to bring a new breath to the DCU and attract a wider audience. Fans are excited to see what Gunn has in mind for these films and how his vision will affect the franchise. DC Comics as a whole.

These are the 6 DC movies that are canon for James Gunn!

The Suicide Squad (2021)

The movie that started Gunn’s relationship with DC was The Suicide Squad.. A pseudo-sequel turned into a soft reboot of the poorly received Suicide Squad (2016). It seems that this is one of the films that will continue to be canon for James Gunn after the announcement of Waller, which will mean the return of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller after his multiple appearances in the DCEU. It has also been confirmed that the project will include the members of “Team Peacemaker”, most of whom were introduced in The Suicide Squad. Therefore, this decision makes a lot of sense.

Birds of Prey (2020)

The Suicide Squad also connects to several DC movies, most notably through Harley Quinn’s margot robbie. Although Robbie’s character remains one of the DCEU’s biggest hits and thus it’s likely he’ll remain in the DCU, it’s unclear if every one of his film appearances will remain canon. Birds of Prey would fit perfectly into James Gunn’s DCU without too many gaps and, being an essential part of Harley Quinn’s story, would go a long way in establishing her character in the new franchise.

Shazam (2019) and its sequel are DC movies that are canon for James Gunn

The largely unconnected nature of the DCEU makes the Shazam franchise easy to recast as the DCU. During his announcement, James Gunn referred to the Shazam movies starring Zachary Levi as being in his own universe, having had very little connection to any of the other DC movies in recent years. Gunn seems to indicate that Shazam and his movies will be recontextualized to become part of the DCU entirely.with this change likely having little to no impact on any of the films in the franchise.

Blue Beetle

Though audiences have only gotten a glimpse of Blue Beetle’s design so far, the character’s first film will hit theaters in August 2023. The very limited discourse surrounding the film led to rumors that it would potentially follow in the footsteps of Blue Beetle. Batgirl with a late cancellation. But James Gunn has dispelled such theories once and for all. In his announcement, Gunn enthusiastically detailed the character of Blue Beetle while explicitly referring to the young superhero as part of the DC movies..


Despite being weighed down by the controversy surrounding its star, The Flash remains vital to the reboot of DC movies. The film, which has been stuck in development hell for years, stars Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen as he travels the Multiverse, meeting several familiar heroes along the way. Jame Gunn confirmed that The Flash “rests entirely in the DC Universe,” possibly confirming theories that the film will take a Flashpoint storyline to reboot the franchise and seemingly dispelling rumors of Miller’s goodbye.

Aquaman (2018) and its sequel are DC movies that are canon for James Gunn

As a climax to the DC movies for 2023 and as the last DCEU movie before James Gunn, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom seems to continue to be part of the DCU canon. Gunn gave very few details about the upcoming Aquaman sequel, other than indicating that it will usher in the first batch of DCU projects in 2024 and beyond. This news comes amid reports that Jason Momoa would be re-elected as Lobo.

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The 6 DC movies that are canon for James Gunn

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