The Angel of Death: Another Serial Killer Movie

In it netflix catalog the movie is available ‘The angel of Death’ (‘The Good Nurse’), directed by Tobias Lindholm and starring Jessica Chastain Y eddie redmayne. The film is based on the true story of Charles Cullena nurse who during 16 years killed about 400 patients in different hospitals in the United States.

There are several elements that attract the public to view this film. Months ago, the main reason was the growing popularity from series like ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’, factory product ryan murphy that revived interest in developing productions based on celebrities serial killers.

Leaving aside the fact of choosing the film because of the approach to another story about assassinsthe trajectory of the protagonists is highlighted: Jessica Chastainwinner of Oscar 2022 for ‘Tammy Faye’s eyes’ and the 2013 Golden Globe for ‘The darkest night’ With eddie redmaynewinner of the Oscar and Golden Globe 2015 for ‘The theory of everything’.

Between these Two reasonswhich may be more disappointing to choose to see the film is precisely the first one, since whoever believes that they are going to find a film that delve into the killer’s origin story and his motivations, he will have very little of this since the plot mainly deals with two aspects, the friendship between amy loughren (Chastain) and Charles Cullen (Redmayne), nurses who meet at a New Jersey hospital where Cullen commits the murders again of patients and, secondly, to show how the american health system and the different legal apparatuses take more care of the reputation of institutions that for the well-being and Health of people.

So, if these two aspects are clear, you should analyze the quality of the film for the script and performances. Having two great referents of current cinema, it is unlikely that they will meet bad interpretations; however, the problem is presented by a weak script, there is no good depth in character development. The motivations of Cullen are developed in a way very shallow and, the story of Amy, who is single mother with two minor daughters and suffers from a serious heart problemloses strength when diluted in the story that is more focused on showing the friendly relationship between the protagonists and how to catch the assassin.

Instead, the aspect that is better developed and that saves the viewing of this film is the plot associated with the research. The work of the detectives played by Noah Emmerich and Nnamdi Asomugha, who try to discover the truth behind the murders and are faced with a totally airtight in which hospitals prioritize protecting their reputation hindering investigations by becoming the main accomplices for enabling and covering up the murders of Cullen.

Definitely, ‘The angel of Death’ manages to entertain, but leaves a feeling of little development of the main characters and many doubts about how Cullen became this patient enforcer. I recommend giving it a try, but accompanied by reading the book ‘The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder’written by journalist Charles Graeber, on whom the film is based, to get to know with more detail aspects not covered in the film.

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The Angel of Death: Another Serial Killer Movie

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