The Best Ways to Stream Movies & Sports Online

As the ability to get your full entertainment and sports streamed online grows, it becomes more and more convenient and easy to get your movies and sports streamed directly to wherever you are.

The popularity of streaming services has boomed to the point where almost 1.9 billion people are using streaming platforms as their sole source of entertainment – the growth in technology is largely attributed to this, as the ability to stream on all your devices is now a possibility, as well as getting amazing content like movies and sports on demand for no more than $10 per month, smashing what used to be an expensive method of entertainment.

TV and radio used to be industries that created billions in revenue and charged people a substantial amount to get cable fed to their houses to get the content. Now, with just an internet connection, you can open yourself to multiple worlds of online entertainment.

The day of old-school television and radio is gone – no more cable and a huge amount of services you need to pay for, as now you only need a couple of streaming platforms and can have all the entertainment you want to be streamed directly to you.

A huge benefit of streaming is the way it can work with a VPN on all your devices. For example, you could find the best free VPN for Chrome and then use that as a hub for streaming – you will unlock so much more content that is available all over the globe.

If you are a huge anime fan but live in the western part of the world, you might find streaming platforms having a limited amount of this type of movie and TV show – using a VPN, you can get past this geo-restriction and get so much more content to stream.

Here are the best ways to start streaming movies and sports to your home and get so many exciting forms of entertainment:

Amazon Prime Has The Full Package

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that is included with an Amazon Prime membership. By having Amazon Prime, you also get access to movies and live sports – most notably, Amazon Prime has rights to stream Premier League football and American Football through the NFL, giving sports fans their fill.

The only downside to Amazon Prime is that the most popular and trending movies right now will need paying for – whilst it can range from $3.99 upward, it can be frustrating having to pay on top of the membership.

ESPN+ Is Perfect For Sports Fans

ESPN+ can give a sports fan a huge amount of live sports streams, although they can be quite North American-focused sports. It will still have some top-quality football and college sports on demand, but if you like to watch European sports content you may need to look elsewhere.

For only $5.99 you can watch big sporting events like Monday Night Football from the NFL or the much-anticipated College Football National Championship, on top of so many golf, and MLS events.

Hulu Coming in Strong With Both Live TV and Movies

Hulu is a unique streaming platform that goes beyond having a library of exclusive content and top-tier movies – it also incorporates streaming live TV as part of a package, going through the internet only.

You can get the benefits of both a streaming platform and cable TV by paying $64.99 a month, which is substantially cheaper than what it can cost to get the same 64 channels delivered to your home. The $5.99 option is great for anyone, as Hulu offers live sporting events as well as movies and TV shows – Hulu is one of the best ways to stream sports and TV.

The King of Streaming Movies and TV Shows is Netflix

Netflix is the king of online streaming and rightfully so – they were the first one through the door and have set the bar for how you stream movies and TV shows online. As well as creating blockbuster exclusive movies and TV shows, they have also bought the rights to some of the most popular movies ever, including many Marvel movie titles.

On top of all this, you can also get access to documentaries, including many original productions that you can’t find anywhere else. With plans starting at just $8.99 per month, it’s also one of the most affordable options. One of the best things about Netflix is its user-friendly interface and recommendations system, which helps you find content that you’ll enjoy based on your taste and what you enjoy watching.

When it comes to streaming movies and sports online, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of specific sporting events or a whole genre of movies, you can find the perfect streaming platform for you that can open your world to whole new libraries of content for a minimal cost.

Don’t forget that by pairing streaming platforms to a VPN, you can upgrade your content variety to a different level, bypassing geo-restrictions and allowing yourself to get the maximum for the amount you are paying.

Take advantage of free trials and subscriptions to the platforms mentioned in this article – by comparing and finding what they offer, you can get the best streaming platform for you.

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The Best Ways to Stream Movies & Sports Online

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